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  1. H

    Spoiler: aamc fl 4 cp 19

    Passage: The NH3 gas produced was delivered through a rubber hose to fill a dry inverted 12-oz aluminum soft-drink can by downward displacement of air. The can was then sealed with parafilm and placed sealed side down in a shallow tray containing an inch of water. The seal was then removed. As...
  2. avalonisland888

    [Spoiler] AAMC FL 1 Q16

    The colour of the radiation does not change nor does the medium which is why I was able to cut out B. C is just wrong based on what I know, but I don't understand how to differentiate between A and D. When does the propagation speed change?
  3. L

    MCAT question.

    Hi. I'm retaking the mcat for the second time. first score was a 500. I've been studying for the last 8 mos. I took AAMC full lengths about 7 months ago. Just retook them this month. Scores are 513/514/520. Is this representative of how I will perform? Anyone been through this? Also, I took a...
  4. I

    Should I delay taking the AAMC FLs until after I've done all BR passages?

    I've been following the 100 Day MCAT study schedule (The 3 Month (100 Day) MCAT Study Schedule Guide: 2019 Edition • Student Doctor Network) and I'm about to take my first AAMC FL in a few days. I was thinking though, shouldn't I wait until I'm done doing the final 1/3 of BR passages for all 10...
  5. A


  6. T

    Selling everything. (EK, AAMC, FL EXAMS, TBR, FLASH CARDS) ETC...

  7. M

    MCAT: AAMC Fl 1, exams in 2 weeks

    So my exam is in 2 weeks. I did all 11 TPR tests and improved my mark to get a 510. So i decided to do the AAMC FL after finishing TPR, to see where i'm at .. and my mark disappointed me a lot. My AAMC FL1 mark is: 81%/58%/92%/85% I still have a AAMC FL 2, CARS question pack V2, the section...
  8. G

    Next Step Full Length Inflation

    I have been taking Next Step exams and have scored NS1 503 NS2 503 (58% Correct Overall) However, I did really poor on one section (P/S 49% correct) and Next step gave me a 125 in that section. So how accurate are these scores? I had a friend take all 10 Next Step exams and average...
  9. C

    AAMC FL practice test/ spoiler questions

    Are all the questions random and different for every person that person that purchases the AAMC FL1 and FL2? I'm asking this because I've seen ''spoiler questions'' for AAMC FL1 and FL2 posted by some SDNers in some of the threads. Please answer and thanks.
  10. L

    Actual mcat vs aamc fl 2017

    I took an aamc scored exam, the first one so far and are the passages on that correct length? I feel as if there were much shorter than what they should be. Does anyone know how long on average the passage lengths for each section on the actual mcat? I got a 514 on the aamc scored fl 1 which I...
  11. Lyoness

    Are AAMC FL's same version every year?

    I have to take the mcat spring of 2018, so I am studying very early. If I buy the practice exams of the AAMC 1&2 right now, will they have the same questions as the practice exams that will be sold next year or will they be a different version? I am asking because if they are different versions...
  12. decentlydope

    505 on AAMC Practice MCAT. Test in 3 days. Should I give up hope?

    I just don't know what else to do. This is my 5th practice test and and I've never broken 506. I've never felt so low...
  13. N

    When to incorporate AAMC material into study plan?

    Hello all, I got access to the question pack 1, Online Practice Questions from The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, section banks, along with the sample and the two scored FLs. I am planning to take the MCAT at the end of April. I am currently doing content review. My question is, when you...
  14. D

    Can't Find AAMC FL Practice Exams

    A lot of the study schedules call for AAMC's FL practice exams, but I can't find any past 1 and 2. Does anyone know where the other FL practice exams are online? I've searched their product page up and down and I swear they don't exist...
  15. God's_Child

    How I went from a 488 diagnostic to a 509

    1) Composite score: 509 (82nd percentile) PS: 127 CARS: 127 BS: 128 Psych: 127 2) Practice Test: I took Kaplan FL exams and the official AAMC scored. I took the exam twice, once in January and once in May. I was hoping to hit it on the first shot but I fell into pitfalls the 1st time around...
  16. Harrybean

    Retook the AAMC Scored Practice Test

    Hi! Fellow retaker here :) I just finished taking the AAMC scored test for the second time (first time in March) and I got a 514 (129,127,129,129). I want to be happy with it but I'm not sure what this score really means as I have already taken it before. I pretty much didn't remember any of...
  17. M

    Comparison of My Practice Tests Full Length to MCAT. HELP please

    HELP PLEASE! :( I take my MCAT on June 2nd (15 days away...). I've done some Kaplan and TPR tests before but from what I've heard, EK and NS are the best companies to go for in terms of resemblance to the actual test (please those who have taken both companies tests AND the actual MCAT correct...
  18. N

    Strategies to approach MCAT biologiy/biochem passages?

    I've been working on some practice questions from AAMC question packs and sample test. I found it pretty difficult to organize the actual information on the passage. Having them clearly organized in your head (or on scratch paper) would make it easier to answer the questions. Specially the...
  19. A

    MCAT 2016 compared to AAMC practice material

    I am taking the MCAT in about a month, and I was wondering if anyone could talk a little bit about how they did on the AAMC prep material (Question packs/section back/practice test) compared to the real thing. If anyone could post their percentages on the question packs and section banks along...
  20. W

    What have y'all scored on the actual MCAT with similar Kaplan/AAMC FL scores?

    Hey everybody, I'm taking the MCAT on January 23rd and am just wondering what actual scores my Kaplan and AAMC scores correlate to. Any input from people who have taken the 2015 MCAT would be greatly appreciated! Kaplan 1: 501 - 125/126/126/124 Kaplan 2: 507 - 127/127/127/126 Kaplan 3: 507 -...