Medical Should I include working as a bouncer in my application?

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Jun 11, 2010
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I know this sounds really dumb of me to ask and I'm more than likely overthinking it but I just want to know. I worked as a bouncer while in college and its no shining crown that will push my application to the top but it was one of the gigs I had to take up in order to help make it through college. There is a general stigma against bouncers (I know all too well) and the last thing I want is to risk falling into someone's mental prototype of the lunk. Better to keep off app?
It's definitely novel and a refreshing break from all the on campus tutors and scribes we see.

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I would for sure mention it. If anything, it could lead to a fun conversation with your interviewer and lead to a connection. Who knows, they could have been thrown out of a few bars by bouncers in their past and have some funny stories.
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I am aware of stigmas against bouncers in the very old generation and in certain localities. Do not emphasize this job if you apply in IL, NJ, or NY as there are connotations that you would have to explain if you come from a certain background. The lunk is not actually the problem in those cases. As far as most other places, I would also suggest you have a "customer service" story about being a bouncer and keeping boundaries intact (in terms of use of force etc).

If you apply in the National Capital Region or around, you ought to have had your SO card for your work and it'll be checked when the criminal background investigation is done by the school. If you did not have an SO card, you will probably have to explain why you were unlicensed.
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