Sep 15, 2015
Medical Student (Accepted)

I have taken: USMLE Step 1, COMLEX I, COMLEX II CE & PE.

I dropped the ball somehow on the COMLEX II CE & PE, have retaken the PE but haven't got the results back yet, and will be taking the CE again in a couple of days. I basically choked during the PE, and during the CE I didn't bother studying any OMM, which there happened to be 6 questions regarding FPR (Facilitated Positional Release) which I forgot because I never use it -- also took a break and didn't realize it took time away from my test, which caused me to attempt to expedite every question for about 2 blocks, which still ran out of time and I just started guessing... Won't make that mistake again.

Anyhow, I applied to both AOA & ACGME programs, had to report the COMLEX for the AOA, but have only reported the USMLE to the ACGME programs so far.... Received two interviews recently, and I'm hoping I can wait until I get passing results on the COMLEX II before re-submitting passing [hopefully] scores before my interviews.

I've received two ACGME interviews, but no AOA so far... I'm applying to Pediatrics.

Should I have to report now, or is it best for me to wait and report later? I'm assuming it'll be best to wait and report it later...

Please help. Thanks.
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Oct 11, 2006
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There is no requirement to ever release your COMLEX scores to allo programs, that I know of. Once you match, you'll need to release your scores for licensing.