Medical Should I send Post Waitlist Update Letter?

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Sep 30, 2008
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I was notified recently that I was waitlisted at a school I'm highly interested in. They indicated that I should keep my application updated, so I intend to send an update letter including my fall semester grades and the news that a poster I contributed to was presented at a national conference held by the AAP. I have a couple of questions about the letter:
  1. Do I have to order another transcript? If so, do I upload it to my portal or send it to AMCAS?
  2. Would sending my fall grades be worthwhile if all it shows is that I've kept my 4.0 streak? Furthermore, is it worth making note of the classes I'm taking this semester if they are a significant departure from my normal pre-med/chemistry courses (I'm completing a philosophy major alongside my chem major).
  3. Do I attach/upload the poster (wherein I'm listed as an author) or do I just provide a reference so they can verify?
Additionally, since I hold acceptances elsewhere, should I make note of that? Or should I be subtle and state that I hope to hear back from them before April 30th?

Thanks for your advice and your time!
1) No
2) Not really on grades, but if you're sending an update that's probably not a bad thing to include/No on upcoming classes
3) Reference

Bottom line, I think it's unlikely that any of these will move the needle, but since for some reason they seem to be actively soliciting updates you may as well. Whether you outright say you have other acceptances or not is also a personal style thing, either would be fine.
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