Medical Should I split up Athletic Experience and Team Captain Experience in W/A?

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I competed for a Division 1 sports team in college and served as a team captain my senior year. I'm including my collegiate athletic experience in W/A as one of my most meaningful, but I mostly talk about/showcase teamwork, accountability, and work ethic. I was wondering your thoughts on including my position as team captain in a separate entry under the "Leadership" category since I had a leadership position among peers. I would like to include my individual contributions and impact as a captain somewhere in my W/A, so if you believe its inappropriate/strange to split them up, then I will need cut down my athletic entry to fit it in. Thanks in advance for any feedback!!
It would be completely appropriate for you to split out the team captain experience, carving out the separate dates and Total Hours (so they aren't double counted) and listing it in its own space under Leadership-Not Listed Elsewhere.
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