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Jul 12, 2013
I applied early decision to my pharmacy school of choice. I have already been contacted for an interview in September. However, due to a poor GPA and academic history, I had already planned to retake General Chemistry to boost my application if I was denied early decision. It is the only class I had received a C in for my pre-reqs. I am also signed up for a Nutrition Biology class. It was one of the only science classes left I hadn't taken at my college. I forgot to even add these classes into PharmCAS when I applied, so I said I was taking Fall classes, but never went into detail regarding which ones.

My interview is September 18. I will have an answer on acceptance a week later. My classes start this Monday, and I can only get a full refund if I withdraw before they begin. I want to drop them due to cost and lack of necessity. However, my parents feel like I should keep them. If I am asked during the interview about what I am doing to better myself, I could say that I was retaking a class I had done poorly in. I don't think it will even come up, but I wanted some opinions from you.
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Jul 20, 2015
Since an interview is not a guarantee of acceptance, I'd be hesitant to drop the courses (especially the G-Chem). If you don't get in this time, I assume you will be applying again next cycle? If that's the case, you will be kicking yourself for dropping the courses. Why not compromise, and drop the nutrition biology course, but keep the g-chem? This would provide some financial relief.
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