Oct 22, 2019
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  1. Pre-Medical
Hi everyone, I had a few questions about my update letters. I was complete at all my schools in early August, currently sitting with a couple II's and a couple R's, and I was planning on sending update letters to the schools I haven't heard back from yet that accept them.

The main thing I want to update schools on is that I started a new job as a scribe/MA at an urgent care clinic. I started right after I submitted secondaries and have accumulated 500+ hrs. Aside from work updates I'm still waiting on two submitted publications to be reviewed and accepted. Additionally, one project I worked on has led to a public health web tool being published on a major hospital's website, although this was not a peer-reviewed publication.

Ideally I would have liked to write an update letter that incorporated both employment and research updates, since some schools have noted they don't want multiple updates. However, since publishing research seems like such a crapshoot and I have no idea when or if my research will even get published, should I just go ahead and update schools on just my new job? Thanks for all the help!
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