Medical Should I take Anatomy and Physiology now?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Some context first. I am a junior who thus far as been able to keep my grades pretty high in my past two years of college (3.92 currently) and am afraid to take the the two semester sequence of advanced anatomy and physiology (there are no solely physiology or anatomy courses here only combination) that my college offers. They have a regular version of the course but with my major (biology) I get no elective credit for that. The other classes I am taking this semester is Organic Chemistry 1 w/ lab and a writing intensive research methods course for my minor in clinical psychology. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how I am going to make enough time to study for and do well in both Orgo and A&P at the same time since they both require so much time outside of class to study for. And frankly I can't really justify risking my GPA for a course that is only considered a bio elective at my college, and also potentially hurting my chances to do really well in organic chemistry. I'm thinking about just switching A&P out for another upper level bio elective for my degree.

Now I know that there are/can be physiology questions on the b/b section of the MCAT but is it really necessary to take the class or could I get away with just going over the material when I start my MCAT studying after I graduate from my undergrad bio program (I am taking a gap year after I graduate so I can really focus on studying for the MCAT and working/maybe some additional clinical and research experience for a whole year).

TL;DR: How much will it hurt me if I do not take A&P during my undergrad, and how much of that material will be on the b/b section of the MCAT and is it really hard to just self-study that material.

Then don't take A&P. It likely is appropriate for nursing majors and is incompatible with your major (according to your description). No I don't think it will hurt you with your MCAT preparation or if you get into medical school. You all have to learn the terminology at some point.
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