Should I take Genetics course to prepare me for the MCAT?

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May 21, 2024
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I am a nontrad student (I already have a degree) looking to save money and apply to med school next summer. In this summer I am taking Orgo 1 and Physics 2, and I plan on studying for the MCAT when the summer sessions are done in August. I take Biochem 1 in the Fall, and will continue studying for the MCAT then take the MCAT in the spring semester. If I take Genetics, it may eat time that I could use for MCAT prep.

From what I hear from others is that the genetics in MCAT is from BIO 1 and BIO 2. For reference, I took cell bio last semester. So what should I do?

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It could be helpful, although you could probably learn everything you need for genetics from any MCAT prep book or other prep book. Taking it might be more helpful because medical schools may require it as a prerequisite. I don't know how many require it, but it might be something to look into if you apply without it.
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I took genetics in undergrad and tbh what clashroyaleking is right, everything you need to know in terms of the MCAT can easily be through review material, but i definitely think it would help you in the long run if you did take it, not just with applying to schools and meeting prereq requirements but just giving you more of a strong foundation for when med school starts
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You should have all your bases layered without genetics. I'd take OChem 2 just to be safe though. I don't know how expansive OChem 1 would be by itself.
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