Mar 19, 2016

So I am currently scheduled for the Aug 20th date and just completed the AAMC scored (502: 126/124/127/125).

I've also taken in this order (one month before exam date):
EK 2: 61%, 55%, 60%, 59%
AAMC unscored: 61%, 64%, 61%, 58%
EK 4: 75%, 57%, 60%, 75%

I have been using the summer to study using TBR for gen chem, ochem, and physics, kaplan for biochem, and EK/TPRH for CARS. I've been using mcatjelly's schedule, however after two months of studying I started to struggle to retain info I learned from the beginning of the summer. I'm really hoping to get a 510 on the actual exam and I am having doubts that I'll be able make such a drastic jump in 8 days cause I haven't been scoring consistently in the range. I've past the date to get a refund for my exam if I canceled, so should I take the exam at this point and void it?? I've been hearing a lot of conflicting opinions about whether voiding can hurt you with the new reporting system.

Another option I have is to take the MCAT after my SMP (BU MAMS). The program ends mid-May and from what I've seen on SDN and having spoke to Dr. Offner, many students end up scoring 31+. However, I'm worried that after not having touched ochem/physics/psych soc stuff for a year that I will struggle to review these materials within a month of time. I'm also not sure of whether studying during winter break and taking the exam late Jan would be a better idea considering it'd be about the same amount of time in May and I could retake in May if needed.

I'm really struggling with what I should do - thanks so much guys for any advice!