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  2. U

    Test center incident-->voiding latest-possible MCAT date for early app. Reschedule ASAP or punt on this cycle?

    Thanks in advance for reading. I'll try to keep this short - essentially I am an otherwise well-qualified applicant with no MCAT score. (feel free to skip specifics in bullet points, only showing this to demonstrate MCAT truly is the rate-limiting step for me) . TLDR at bottom - 3.88/3.94...
  3. T

    MCAT Advice - To take or not to take

    Hi to anyone who sees this. So I am going to do my best not to whine or complain because I know many people have had it far worse than me, but I am not sure what my next steps should be in this situation. So this is my second time taking the MCAT. The first time I took it, I voided it. I was...
  4. D

    Scored 7 points lower on latest FL, what do I do?

    I've been studying to retake the MCAT for the last 3-ish months, and have taken 3 FL during this study cycle (I took 4 the first time I took it, so I understand pacing and I've never had trouble finishing sections). I took NS 3 which resulted in a 507 and AAMC Sample which was 77%. I felt pretty...
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    Should I void my September 1st MCAT?

    Hey everyone, I really need your help. My exam is on September 1st and these are my practice score breakdowns: 7/24/17 EK 55%: 52%/56%/50%/62% 7/27/17 NS1 503: 126/124/126/127 8/1/17 AAMC Sample 65%: 54%/74%/56%/75% 8/5/17 NS2 503: 126/127/125/125 8/8/17 AAMC FL 1 495: 125/122/124/124 8/11/17...
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    AAMC FL1 501. Test in 3 days

    I'd appreciate any advice for my situation asap!! I plan to go to an MD school and am aiming for the 508 on my real MCAT. I've been studying for 3 months consecutively and been improving slightly but I just took the official FL 1 a few days ago and got hit with a 501. My previous scores are...
  7. J

    Should I Void MCAT Score

    I'll make it short. I'm a very smart student, the kind that is confident and lazy. I have a 3.5 GPA, which has been a consistent upward trend (i consistently get above 3.6 per semester now). My shadowing is only about 35 hours in a single hospital with one doctor, and my volunteering experience...
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    So I will be taking my MCAT on 6/16, but on the AAMC FL1 I ended up with a 499. Along with that I know that I am having severe anxiety with the MCAT. I was thinking of taking it on 6/16 but voiding my score. This would be my second time taking the MCAT, but I feel taking it in the testing center...
  9. F

    Scheduled for May 18 - 500 MCAT

    Hey guys, I'm scheduled to take my first MCAT on May 18th, but I took about 3 practice tests: NS 1 : 498 TPR : 483 (kept running out of time so guessed on most of the end passages in all sections) NS 2: 500 (took yesterday after memorizing Kaplan quicksheets) I honestly don't know what to do...
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    MCAT in 2 days, should I void?

  11. cwx216

    Should I take/void MCAT or take after SMP?

    Hi! So I am currently scheduled for the Aug 20th date and just completed the AAMC scored (502: 126/124/127/125). I've also taken in this order (one month before exam date): EK 2: 61%, 55%, 60%, 59% AAMC unscored: 61%, 64%, 61%, 58% EK 4: 75%, 57%, 60%, 75% I have been using the summer to...
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    Voiding vs. Not Showing Up

    Hi, I have a few questions and hope someone can help! I'm not scoring as well as I'd hoped and am planning on pushing my MCAT that's scheduled for this Friday 5/20. If I sit for it and void (kind of like taking an expensive practice exam) is there any negative consequence that would be...