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Jul 15, 2015
I'm currently taking Biology 111. As a bio pre-req at this current school I am attending. I am currently taking 14 credits, and if my Biology doesn't transfer over I will be at 10 credits when I transfer over to University at Buffalo (I will be taking 14 at my current school). My question is should I take a meaningless elective or an easy A, and take another elective the next semester too? to make up for the 10 credits? I'm currently taking Bio 111, Chem 111, Ant 101, and CWP 101. I can add in another elective and what would you guys do?


Biology 111 isn't on there..

To use that site, click on equivalencies by school, enter Buffalo State College, and just look for Bio on that drop down menu.

If you transfer in a year you need 24 credits to transfer over.