SMP Dilemma: Rutgers MBS vs University of Cincinnati Physiology?

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Jun 10, 2018
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Hi guys,

I am a reapplicant who decided to do a SMP before reapplying. My stats are 3.2 sgpa, 3.5 cgpa, 514 MCAT.

I was accepted to 2 SMPS: Rutgers Master of Biomedical Sciences and University of Cincinnati Master of Physiology. Could anyone who's currently in either program (or attended in the past) give any thoughts on their experience there? By the way, I'm a NJ resident.

Pros and Cons of each for me:

Lower tuition (24K)
Familiar setting (been living in NJ for the past 16 years)
Already a NJ resident

Weaker program compared to Cincinnati based on percentage of students who get into med school

Better reputation (90-100% of students get into some MD school eventually)
Gives you Ohio residency by doing the program, can attend University of Cincinnati School of Medicine at 30K each year (much cheaper than Rutgers’ in-state tuition of 42K) if I get in

Higher tuition (39K)
Less familiar setting

Both guaranteed an interview if a certain criteria is met (for Cincinnati, get at least a B+ in each of the 4 classes that you take with medical school students and for Rutgers, maintain at least a 3.6 GPA for at least 20 out of the required 30 credits for the program).

I guess the core of my question is: is the better reputation of Cincinnati worth the extra 15K?

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I did apply to a couple of DOs last year (2 in east coast, 3 in west), but I didn't get into any of them. Just curious but what made you suggest the DO route?
OP curious about your eventual decision. I am in the exact same position now. I'm a NJ resident and deciding between UC Masters in Physiology and Rutgers MBS. I'm leaning towards Cincinnati because of the better program. Can you give me any insights from your experience? Thanks!
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