Jun 25, 2013
Hi everyone,

I'm wondering whether I should apply to some SMPs or if it would be a big waste of time/money for me. Here's a little bit about my stats/ECs. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible. Let me know if you want me to elaborate on anything:

- cGPA: 3.50, sGPA: 3.40, MCAT: 30 (8PS/10VR/12BS)
- 2 summers' worth of volunteering as a nursing assistant with a family practice clinic that involved taking patient vitals, collecting medical history, interviewing patients about their presenting symptoms, and doing more advanced things like assisting in physical exams, conducting EKGs, and administering shots
- about 4 months worth of full-time work as a medical screener with a plasma donation facility, taking donor vitals, counseling them about how they can maintain their health so that they can continue to donate, and one time, even having to tell a pregnant lady that she had tested positive for Hep C (EEP!)
- vice president of women in science club at my undergrad as well as an intern with a national non-profit that sought to increase the representation of women in science fields (a cause very near and dear to my heart)
- fairly extensive research in neuroendocrinology (about 7 months) and even received a highly competitive grant through my undergrad's college of arts and sciences but no publications/presentations unfortunately
- my LORs should be pretty good; my only concern is one from the physician that I shadowed. She didn't seem to understand what "letterhead" is when I asked for the letter to be written on official letterhead and the letter was short and not very personal though it wasn't negative

I feel that my MCAT is fairly weak, and I understand that an SMP wouldn't help there, but I feel that my GPA is borderline. Do I spend the time/money required by an SMP, or is there some other aspect of my application that I should address instead? Thanks so much for your help!