SMPs with sub 3.0

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Dec 1, 2015
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Hoping I can get some honest feedback on my chances of gaining acceptance to an SMP with my current stats:

5,000 hrs animal experience
3 strong LORs
1200 GRE (Q + V) - planning to retake this very soon prior to sending in my apps
2.99 uGPA - improved slightly with post bacc classes

I am going to be receiving academic accommodations for the first time in my life this week - I've been told to expect significant improvement in my grades now that I have appropriate accommodations.

Hoping to prove my academic ability with a fresh GPA through a SMP. I'd appreciate any advice or thoughts you might have!

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Suggest retaking all F/D/C science coursework and applying to DO schools.

Do the retakes,. get the GPAs > 3.0 and then apply to SMPs. You have to ace them, and MCAT, for MD schools.
Suggest retaking all F/D/C science coursework

She/he wants to be a vet... wrong thread? is there one for vet school for non-trads?
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Oops! Sorry guys. Brand new to the site. Thanks for the heads up :)