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Feb 28, 2003
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When I read this again in the transcript, I thought it was kinda funny and thought I would share:

"I always used to give the first Freshmen lecture, that was, I always enjoyed doing that. You came off the streets and you were scared sh!tless! Anybody recording this? Just erase that last part, sorry ? scared out of your wits! Nervous as hell! Looking at all the people around you and saying, ?Boy these people are smart, I?m dumb, I can?t, there?s no way (all that gross?) ? how the hell am I going to learn all this gross and all this stuff to memorize , all these exams. And the other thing was, as soon as you started dental school, everybody thought you were a dentist. Your mother calls you up and says, ?Well, how was it? What?d you learn today? Did you learn anything? ?Yeah I learned something about teeth. Well, what?d you learn?!? Hey ma, I gotta go study, don?t bother me.?? And then your relative or your friend, or a spouse or somebody, started to ask you a dental question. ?You know, I went to the dentist yesterday, and he fixed this tooth over here and it?s killing me, it?s absolutely killing me. And it didn?t hurt before, why is that?? You?re the expert ? anybody get asked any dental questions yet? Nobody?!? Sure, of course. You think this is a good dentist? They say, ?Here, take a look at this ? is that a good job?? Right. Or you?ve got a little sister, cousin, and they start asking you questions. So they?re going to ask you all sorts of dental questions..."
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