Midnight Rider

10+ Year Member
Oct 7, 2007
Do anyone have any info about this group? They are based out of Charlotte but looks to be spread out over North Carolina.


ASA Member
10+ Year Member
Jan 20, 2008
They seem to be a big group... run gigs all over the Southeast as you say... I think they are moving towards the AMC model. With a practice as big as they are there is little chance to become one of hte super duper partners (correct me if I am wrong). That all being said, I know that in Charlotte they are well respected for being good anesthesiologists- most are quite well trained at least. They staff Carolinas which I think is a great hospital, lots of good exposure. etc.... I applied for a job with them coming out of residency and they wouldnt interview me for any of the Charlotte gigs- only the periphery (Hilton Head, Rock Hill etc.) They told me they prefer folks with fellowship training or folks with some experience.
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