Jun 3, 2015
How can one improve on standardized test such as naplex.

For example, if I had a select all that apply question, how do I get all the answers correct.

I'm doing the Rx prep question and I usually select the correct choices but miss one choice and the question is wrong. They would ask you most detailed question live dosing frequency etc.

Is there anyway to get good at guessing? There is No way I can memorize all the dosages and formulations.


7+ Year Member
May 6, 2011
RxPrep Quiz bank asked very detailed questions, especially when come to those "Select All That Apply" style. I did poorly on those questions too, but don't worry too much. (Btw, i scored 40-60% on RxPrep bank & didn't feel they helped at all).

On the actual NAPLEX, the select-all-that-apply questions were more obvious, so it is easier for you to eliminate wrong choices. When study, try to focus on the big pictures. As for dosage & formulation, I got ~2-3 questions (ie...which is available transdermal? 1 of the answer choice was Exelon).