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Jan 25, 2004
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I am going to apply this spring to D.O. schools. I only have three classes I need to finish my biology degree next fall/winter. One of the classes is only offered in the winter semester.
If I was to only take 1 class in the fall and pick the other 2 up in the final winter semester, would the medical schools look down on this? Should I stay full-time even though I only need 3 classes in my last year? Or do they even pay attention to this?
I would love to spend some extra time with my wife and kids before starting into the rigors of medical school.

Any ideas?


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Aug 7, 2000
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They won't care about your class load, unless you have been part time for a 4 years and didn't work at the same time. I think it is then that the class loads come into question. I think it is a great idea to use the time to spend with your family. I actually did that as well.

I graduated in 2002 and have basically spent the time since then catching up on time I missed when I was doing my 4 years of undergrad. It has been great to spend so much time with my family, playing video and computer games, watching mindless tv, etc...... For me that time is almost used up because I will be starting classes on Aug 23rd. None of the schools I have intervewed questioned me about the time I have taken off. I told them what I have been doing, and literally everyone smiled and nodded their heads.

Take the time and have a great time with your family. Enjoy!!!!!!!!