Step 2 and fellowships

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May 17, 2005
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Quick question for those out there.

I just finished step 2 (thank god) and was wondering how important it is when pursuing fellowships? Im thinking Pulm/CC. Did well on step 1, good class rank etc. and feel pretty confident on getting into a good IM program. But now, after I finished, I keep thinking, what if I screwed it up and droped to the 30%ile or something?

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I have personally spoke to two fellowship program directors and they told me that they really don't look at that (in fact one of them laughed at me when I asked him about steps)...they are more interested in your LOR's (letter of recs) and if it is a competitive fellowship they like to hear that you are one of the top 5% residents that the physician writing your rec has ever known...also they are interested in what you do during your residency...i.e. research, starting journal club, etc..., where you train for IM plays a part too

I suggest you talk to the program director of the fellowship spot you are interested in...I got great advice from fellowship directors during my fourth year...I hope things go well for you during the match...take care
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