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Apr 6, 2002
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How many times did I hear there's no biochem on the test???
Well, kids, guess what? ABout 25-30% of my exam was pure biochem, with very little relation to medicine.

Good Luck.

Acro Yali

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Dec 17, 2001
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Everyone's test is different. Mine was pretty even...so even that I only got a few questions in my "strong" area-good thing is that you don't get screwed over in your weak area...but bad thing is its really hard to shine in your strong area, especially if the questions are so eclectic. I wish I had the 20-35% biochem test though. That my strong point-that test would probably added 10-20 points to my score.


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Nov 17, 2001
Someplace cold
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Hi Biohazard,

I read somewhere in Qbook that there are 30-35 experimental Qs on Step 1. Maybe yours were heavy in biochem? Don't stress over it! Time to enjoy the rest of your summer!

Good luck to everyone & stay cool :cool:
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