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Jun 3, 2007
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Hi guys! Two questions for you -

1. I am applying to pharm school this-coming fall. If I take the June PCAT, will I still be able to apply for early admittance? (I would have taken the PCAT earlier, but I recently switched from Pre-Med to Pre-Pharm)

2. Assuming the pharmacy gods are good to me and I get interviews, when would they generally be? I will be studying abroad next year from Sept - early Dec. (If it helps, I'm planning on applying to OSU, U of Michigan, Purdue, and LECOM). Am I in trouble for going abroad?

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Not with Purdue because they do not start having interviews until sometime during the Spring semester. You might want to check with other schools when they have their interviews.
thanks!! Any thoughts on if taking the PCAT this June will give me enough time to try to do early application?