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Submitting secondaries significantly under allotted word count

Discussion in 'Physician Scientists' started by Go4Doc, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Go4Doc

    Go4Doc 2+ Year Member

    Nov 9, 2015
    Hello everyone! I'm currently working on my secondaries for Pritzker and I'm pretty far under the word count (~250/ 550). While I've seen similar threads in which applicants were advised "quality over quantity" but I don't have many people to assess whether my essays are quality enough (compelling, coherent, concise) or if they might benefit with some additional specifics.

    Would anyone be willing to take a look at the two prompts I've answered for the level of quality that trumps quantity? Any input from past or present MD/PhD students would be especially appreciated!

    @eteshoe @moggat
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
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  3. moggat

    moggat MudPhud 2+ Year Member

    Oct 14, 2015
    Hive of Scum and Villainy
    Yeah you can PM me and I'll look at them. In general, some questions lend themselves better to being under the count than others. 250/550 sounds like it might be one of those monster prompts about research or activities, where they're really just giving the max amount in case one random applicant won a nobel prize or something.
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  4. eteshoe

    eteshoe At the microscope making figures 2+ Year Member

    Jan 4, 2016
    Rhea, Saturn
    I'm a bit busy this week so I won't be the most reliable person to send things to look over but yea I agree with @moggat

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