Feb 14, 2010
Dallas, TX
Hey guys,

So last semester I did really bad and failed one of my classes, making me a 2.3 for the semester and this semester isnt too good too with a 3.4. My average GPA is a 3.32 right now and I was planning on taking summer classes at a community college for 11 hours. I would have completed 23 hours of credit at this community college including hours from the previous summer. Does this look bad or should I just do it? I transferred colleges so I am behind in coursework, but I highly doubt I can convey that during my cycle. What should I do?

My max GPA before applying will be at a 3.55~. Should I just give up? My grades seem mediocre and dull. I havent got A's in a while.

I am a biochem major and my science gpa is a 3.0. If I take the community classes over the summer i would have an overall gpa of 81 with 23 coming from community college.

Thanks the advice/criticism.

Drrrrrr. Celty

Osteo Dullahan
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Nov 10, 2009
Medical Student
What types of classes are you doing badly in? What classes are you doing well in ( Switch majors to one of these types of classes).