Summer Internships and Research

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Jul 3, 2018
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I am currently a sophomore undergraduate pre-med student. To give background about my question:

I am taking 12 humanity credits (60-80% A rates for each course) this summer. Although it is a decent amount of credits, the work is mostly brainless and requires time but not necessarily a need to study. To give an example, one of the courses is an arabic course and the other a bioethics course (think of communications or literature classes).

Before COVID-19, I worked in an in-person lab 16 hours every week. That lab, although I am now a part of it still (and it shows as such on linkedin and my future med school application), is closed meaning I do not do any work there.

I decided, as a result, to look for virtual summer internships and was able to lock one in at JHU which I expect to take about 20 hours of work per week this summer. This work would definitely take me some time and I would have to learn a new skill - both of which I am more than happy to do.

I also just received an offer from another lab giving me the opportunity to work on a project that I expect to only last this summer. I also do expect a publication out of this by the end of the summer. The work would take about 10 hours per week maximum.

Seeing as there is not much to do during this quarantine, is it worth it to over-extend myself a bit this summer to get this publication or should I go for more of a conservative approach?

Most importantly to me, how do medical schools look at having 3 concurrent labs at the same time? Is there a spot on the application where I can detail that I am not currently doing any work for the in-person lab, or would it look like I am actually working in 3 labs at once. My main concern is that I really do not want to look like someone faking the work or someone that is spreading themselves so thin that they are not actually contributing.

Thanks to everyone that reads this or gives input!