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May 21, 2009
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I was offered a full time position this summer for research (30-40 hrs/wk). However, I am also taking physics over the summer and studying for the PCAT; I don't know if I should accept the position because it will make my summer quite hectic. I was wondering how much weight my experience in research will put on my application; I am applying this cycle.


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Jan 25, 2010
Experience means a lot. Its pretty much the first thing they ask you about at each interview - also if you have low pcat scores - this will give your application a boost.


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Sep 13, 2009
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The other thing to consider is what kind of research is it and what are you doing? I know some people were considered research assistants and all they did was clean test tubes and didn't do much beyond that. Also what the research entails is what will catch the eye of AdCom.

For instance I know a couple of people who applied to the same schools as I and we all had generally the same interviewers. We all had research in different areas. Now that decisions have been made, out of curiosity, we asked the head of AdCom for the school what made us distinct from one another.

One of the reasons they listed me was specifically my research. Whereas the other people were counting population levels of some animals or monitoring growth patterns (all very vaild research mind you) I was doing the most advanced genetic analysis anyone my school has done. I looked a kb of genetic code for hours and hours trying to figure out this evolutionary genetic insertion problem the main research was having.

It was like a really big complicated puzzle which made it kinda fun.

Anywho, the chick from AdCom said they liked my research more because it was a bit more intense in a rather groundbreaking field (my work in addition to my profs and others will eventually be published) and was, as she said, simply quite interesting.

Perhaps this has ended up being long winded, but those are two things you should consider. Yes, doing research will beef up your resume, but you have to weigh your options against that and doing well on the PCAT and your physics class.


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Oct 22, 2009
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I didn't have any research experience to put on my resume - but I volunteered in a pharmacy for a year and had a high PCAT and GPA close to 4.0.

I actually was given a research grant as an honors award the year before I applied to UMD -- I even started to work in the lab! However, the chemicals they used made my asthma flare badly, and since I was pregnant at the time my doctor told me I needed to quit working there. So I didn't even put it on my resume since I was only there ~2 weeks.