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May 19, 2006
How long is everyone's supplemental essays?
Are you writting them in essay format or just one paragraph to answer the question?

Midwestern CCP asks to respond to the following questions(they really didn't specify an essay format but is that expected):
Why are interested in a career as a pharmacist?
Explain how you have prepared yourself for the rigors of a health professional education?
(one page limit per question)

I just feel as though my PharmCAS personal statement was pretty much answering their first questions. I was just wondering if I should write a page stating the same thing again in different words. I wrote using the maximum characters on my PharmCAS personal statement and don't really have anything new to say.
Could I just write one simplified paragraph since my PharmCAS personal statement goes into much more detail, or should I write a whole page.

Any feedback would be appreciated. :)
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