Jul 1, 2020
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I have been thinking more about what specialties I might be interested in, but I'm wondering if surgery is even something I should realistically consider given that I don't have binocular vision. The only time I really notice it is when doing binocular vision tests (e.g. "do you see X popping out of the page") and using binoculars/binocular microscopes (for instance, during my vision screening at the DMV, I could only see half the letters as they were split between the two lenses). I am currently a urology scribe and asked one of my attendings about this, and he strongly recommended that I pick a non-surgical specialty... Thoughts?


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Feb 20, 2017
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I disagree..
Unless you have frank Tropia or Phorias that can be measured and corrected with prisms or surgery, then you might have intermittent Monofixation syndrome..!
Even your depth of focus might not be at its best but we had quiet successful surgeons who can compensate for this..
Other factors that can impact your surgical career:
- Visual Acuity
- Color perception
- Contrast sensitivity
- Dexterity and tremors
- And Above all: Good Supratentorial Judgment!!
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Have a distant family member who is a monocular, colorblind neurosurgeon. It can be done.
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