taking another gap year?

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Jan 20, 2021
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Not on adcoms, but my initial thoughts:
1. Due to the large # of applicants this year and not expanding # of seats available, there is a higher % of applicants being rejected, which will lead to backlog of applicants next year. There are also new applicants next year too, so the competition may only get tougher.
2. Check when your MCAT expires; a 520 is amazing. If you re-take (which I hope you don't), you might not get a similar score.
3. Aside from your high stats (in particular, the MCAT), everything seems cookie-cutter. I don't see an overlying story from your experiences (which you likely won't provide due to the forums, so I'd keep this in mind if you do reflection). If you apply top-heavy, your stats may get you the interview, but your ECs may be a bit weak.
4. Your clinical hours are a bit low for top-schools
5. Working at the mental health refugees is unique; perhaps if you have more time, you can expand a bit more in this regard.
6. If you do MD/PhD, do you have any pubs (1st vs. co-author)?
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I'd try to start getting clinical experience now and continue it throughout your one gap year. Apply in June. Get some extra eyes on your PS and secondaries and work on your interviewing this summer.
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From the research, I have done on MCAT expiration (also took 2020), our scores will be good for any school this next cycle, and the one after, however, the cycle after that one (matriculate in 2024) will be a bust for about 1/3 to 1/2 of schools.
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I would try to beef up the clinical experience prior to application - you still have time to do this this year, but it will be tough. But I will say, you don't need some kind of clinical letter, as long as you get enough from PI's/professors from classes you'll be fine.

If you ultimately can't beef up your clinical hours by application time, then the only work you have with an MD will be 70 hours of shadowing, which is kind of low. In that case I would wait another year. '

I don't think your MCAT would expire anywhere if you apply Summer 2022. 3 years is the shortest timespans I've read.
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