1. I

    IVC filter and Pulmonary embolism- make it make sense!

    Hi all, Would really appreciate someone explaining this one to me. For patients that have an established pulmonary embolism that have a contraindication to anticoagulation how do IVC filters actually help? My understanding is that the embolism is now sitting in the lungs and so has passed the...
  2. a_zed24


    Hello, there! So we know antacids are bases and they neutralize the stomach acidity, but why antacids do not rise the pH above 4? What exactly would happen if our stomach would be neutral? I know about achlohydria and rebound acidity, but I was wondering, is there any other significant...
  3. R

    Medical Oncology (without hematology)

    Completing a palliative care fellowship and matched to heme/onc fellowship that starts in July. I would be very happy to find a job (open to private practice or academic) as a medical oncologist or even split position palliative and medical oncology. That being said, I am considering medical...
  4. J

    Clinical Experience vs Clinical Volunteering

    After reading a lot of threads here on SDN, I'm getting a little confused at what exactly is "clinical experience". Going with the whole "if you can smeel the patient, it's clinical experience" definition, I always thought volunteering at the hospital would be considered clinical experience...
  5. J

    Does being a part time student your whole college career look bad when applying to medical school?

    So, my whole college career I have always been a part time student because I have needed to work to afford to live/pay for school. I have had a few semesters where I had 15 credits, but the vast majority were 12 or less. I don't know if it makes a difference that I have been working as an...
  6. whosnisarg

    Rutgers NJMS 3 Year PC Program

    Hey guys! I was looking into Rutgers NJMS 3 Year Primary Care track. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Question: In the FAQ, they discourage anyone in the accelerated program from sub-specializing. However, if we would be board certified in Internal Med by the end, what prevents going onto an...
  7. a_zed24

    Filling of capsules

    Hello there! in our last Pharmaceutical Technology lab, we've prepared some capsules and our teacher told us that, obviously, only the capsule's body should be filled with the powder and not the cap. She said that this would produce a "space" and that space is necessary for the "swelling of the...
  8. T

    Jefferson College of Pharmacy Interviews

    Hi guys! I wanted to start this thread to see who hasn’t heard from Jefferson College of Pharmacy yet, after their interview? It’s been 6 days and I haven’t heard from them. Does anyone know how long Jefferson Pharmacy takes to respond?
  9. TeethAndTitanium

    OMFS Externship Questions

    Hey guys! D1 here and am seriously considering the OMFS route. 2 quick questions on the externship process: If there is a school/city I know I want to end up in, should I externship there closer to the application cycle? Or does it not matter when I do it. The reason I ask is because I plan on...
  10. D

    Last MCAT acceptable for this cycle

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering what is the latest possible MCAT I can take this summer for this application cycle. This will be my second MCAT exam. Would August 2 or 3 be feasible? Thanks in advance.
  11. S

    How many classes?

    How many classes do medical students take on average per year?
  12. L

    My Best Option...

    Hello all, I'm pretty new to sdn but I really like the community and a lot of you seem to be very knowledgeable about these topics. Right now I find myself in a predicament with respect to applying to schools, and I wanted to see what my best options are. I'll just give my stats straight away...
  13. S

    Interview Prep Class of 2023

    Since interviews are coming up, we should all be preparing! Let’s work together and share all of our tips, ideas, or questions. What worked for you in the past? Have any questions that leave you stumped? MMI vs student panel?
  14. A

    Bad question from Princeton review? or just my error?

    So I've always been taught that the formula for torque is T=FcosTheta * R .............however this princeton review practice problem on torque is using the formula T= FSinTheta * R When solving for torque do we always use Sin in the torque formula?? Or is this just a bad question...because...
  15. mwnewt

    Considering a gap year...

    So, I'm a senior right now, studying for my finals and this semester I've found really hard. Attending class and focusing in class had been tough, and this will probably be the worst of my semesters. I actually think I might be just slightly burning out and I'm heavily considering a gap year...
  16. H

    NHSC Question

    Hello SDN. I am a currently applying to dental schools and I heard about NHSC. I read about it online but I wanted to know some of the pros and cons from current recipients of the NHSC or people who already graduated and are working in NHSC approved sites after graduation. Thank you!!
  17. S

    Institutional Action Question

    Hey guys, I attend a small Christian school that requires you to attend chapel every so often. When I was a freshman I pledged a fraternity and was asked by a senior to attend a chapel for him. You must swipe your student ID to get credit for the chapel you attend so I attempted to swipe this...
  18. I

    Diversity Question

    I am having trouble answering this question. I am a middle class white male whose parents have lived in Illinois for generations. Here are some things that may set me apart from other students. Let me know what you guys think is the best topic: I was a tutor (helped students of different...
  19. I

    Diversity Question - Is molecular and cellular biology knowledge utilized in PT?

    Hey guys, There is a question on many PT applications that asks what type of diversity I can bring to their school. Being a white American male, I found this question difficult to answer at first. But I thought, maybe I could talk about how I majored in cellular and molecular biology, and...
  20. Classy Oxford Comma

    Medical School Requirements Question

    Do I have to have an internship to get into medical school? I have volunteered at clinics and children advocacy groups, but do I need an internship to get into medical school?
  21. scarlettsky

    help GPA: 3.34 no volunteering experience, Middle Eastern

    Can anyone provide me with advice on my situation? I'm a Pre-Med bio major and am going to enter my 4th year undergrad this fall. I did fairly well in my first few semesters but due to personal responsibilities and being overwhelmed with taking too many credits, my grades suffered...
  22. G

    Question about specialty - psychiatry

    hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Anyway, I am curious about psychiatry. I am in undergrad right now, and psych is an interest of mine. What is it like? I know that is broad but any info or experiences about encounters is psych rotation would be great. Also, I’d love to...
  23. D

    Requirements and Questions for Students at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine

    Hi! I was recently told that Case Western is changing a lot of things in their dental school. I'm really considering this school so if anyone can help me out with these questions, that would be wonderful! 1.) What are the clinical requirements for graduation? Number of crowns, restos...
  24. D

    Question pertaining to my plan

    Okay, so I'm a rising Junior pre-med/Chemistry student at a small liberal arts school in Georgia, and I currently have a 3.25 GPA. I have that because I had over-involved myself with extracurricular activities; therefore, I dropped some of my extracurriculars to get more serious about my...
  25. G

    question about psychiatry

    Hi everyone, I am still an undergrad (starting my junior year in August). I am interested in a few different fields of medicine ( I know this can very well change in med school, but for now I am simply curious and want more info). With psychiatry, is it common for psychiatrists to practice and...
  26. A

    Nova Secondary: "List all dental schools that you are applying to"

    Hey people, so I was just going through the NOVA secondary application and one of the questions asks to list all the dental schools that I am applying to. My question is, should I list all? I am applying to >20 schools and that is way above average. Does the school already know how many I am...
  27. H

    MPH Pursuing MPH, but will have ~2.75 upon graduation, need insight on chances

    Hello everyone, I am going into my senior year with a 2.69. My last two semesters are on the lighter side and I should finish with around a 2.75. I have yet to take the GRE. My undergraduate is a BS in Environmental Chemistry, with a minor in Chemistry, and pursuing a Certificate in Public...
  28. bcsuccess

    Dental Business Question (Multiple Practices With Associates)

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to ask a question about private practice in dentistry. I want to be an orthodontist hands down, because I like how they operate. Straightening other people's teeth by aligning brackets and other things, but having a staff that does basically all of the hands on work...
  29. rcollinb

    Current status, and a few questions. How am I doing? I NEED y'alls help!

    I am currently starting my second Summer here at my university in Texas getting ready to enter my junior year as a Pre-Dent. With as much excitement I am feeling towards my future, I have concerns and worries as well. With all the concern, I have multiple questions I would like to ask everyone...
  30. EnzymaticFuture

    Pre-Med Crisis: DIY or Formal Postbacc

    Hey Pre-med family, hope all is well. I just have a quick question. I got accepted to the GeorgeSquared post bacc program but i was wondering if a DIY postbacc (30 credits) would be just as good to get me looked at for most DO schools and maybe low-tiered MD schools (if successful in post bacc &...
  31. M

    Help with MCQ in physiology

    About abnormal myelin due to deficiency of either Vitamin b12 Follic acid Erythropoietin Interleukin 4 Iron
  32. N

    Pre-Requisite Question! Please help

    Hi, im planning on applying this coming cycle. I have taken ochem lectures but not the labs because i have transferred twice. I dont know many schools that require all the pre-requisites to be complete prior to applying. Other than like Ohio State which requires 9/13 requirements prior to...
  33. F

    First-year Med Student summer volunteer research position worth it or waste of time?

    question for med students past MS1 or grads - i'm currently a first year med student trying to figure out plans to keep myself occupied over the summer. ideally i would have wanted to become involved in a legitimate research project, but as of now all that I have been offered is a position as...
  34. Q

    Conversion vs Dissociative Disorders

    What's the difference between a conversion disorder and dissociative disorder? All my Google research has said they're pretty much the same thing but one of the questions on the AAMC Practice Test 2 has a question about them with both conversion and dissociative disorders as separate answers.
  35. Q

    Questions for those who started at community college!

    This is my first post here and I am a bit afraid because I feel like an idiot compared to everyone on this website. I am starting community college in the fall and trying to figure out what courses to take that will successfully transfer over to SBU. My mom is an alumni there and a transfer...
  36. R

    Rocky Vista (RVU-COM) MSBS 2018 Applicants' Thread

    General thread for the Rocky Vista University Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program. I'm a current MSBS student at RVU. I'm happy to say last year's tumultuous thread isn't relevant to potential applicants. I encourage applicants to ask questions and my classmates to share their...
  37. T

    I feel like I'm a failure.

    Hi everyone, I'm new. I would like to keep this short, of course, I am willing to answer any questions you might have. I am a pre-med student in a community college who will transfer soon. This is my second year in this college. I have gone though a lot these past few years. Undiagnosed OCD...
  38. a_zed24

    Toxins' heat stability

    Hello there, I know endotoxins are heat stable while exotoxins are not. But why's that? What particular feature do the endotoxins have to resist heat? Is it because the are mainly made of lipid and saccharides, and don't "denature" like proteins? Maybe it's a silly question, sorry about that...
  39. E