Nov 25, 2010
Well, I've been quite stupid during highschool, thinking that I wouldn't be using my grades to get myself a job. I thought I'd stick around jobs that would not involve much, even any after school studies. But with time, right after I graduate I decide I want to join the Canadian Forces... and as a physician. This is only an idea I had, seeing as it does intrest me now. I know if I wanted I could of gotten great grades through highschool, I just chose not to. I'm only 17, and was wondering if it's worth doing all these classes again? Also how long would it take? I just want to get all the classes I'd need to be able to apply at a good University for Medicin. So, how long would it take? And what classes would should I take, also, on a % scale, what grades should I be aiming for? (95%, 90%.. etc..)
Thank you.


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Apr 10, 2008
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I was once in the same boat as you. I had to re-take all the applicable high school classes again (Bio 12 Chem 12, Math 12, Eng 12) to apply for a decent university program. I took the classes at my local university college and it took me a year to complete them all (I also took a couple of university level social sciences that did not have any high school pre-requisites on the side along with working part-time). So be prepared to commit at least a year to upgrading the relevant courses, perhaps less if you devote 100% of your time to completing them and do not have a job or other studies to do. I think I got between B+ and A in all the courses and it got me to where I wanted to go. I am interviewing at UBC in the new year for entry into their class of 2015.

Good luck