Taking light, full science course load as a post-bacc nont-trad

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Jul 19, 2022
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I just took Algebra, Gen Chem I, and Biology this semester as a post-bacc, nontrad, and I got As in all of them. It was a heavier work-load than semesters when I took 16 hours.
Next semester, all I am able to fit in my schedule that are med school prereqs are Genetics, and Gen Chem II (8 hours). Does this light of a load hurt me at med school admissions? I already have 2 bachelore's degrees, work as a phlebotomist at a hospital, and am a CASA advocate, so I am doing other things as well having maintained all As in my last year of undergrad as well as all of my post-bacc courses which are straight science. Still, I wouldn't want to be looked down on for taking too light of a course load.

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You are not expected to take a full course load while also working full time.
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