Taking my chemistry class at community college, will it hurt me?

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Dec 13, 2010
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Hey, so I am a sophomore and I am a student at a community college. I have a 3.53 GPA and I have only taken one science course so far. I took Introduction to chemistry and got an A. I am planning on taking my general chemistry sequence at my college before I transfer my junior year. I just wanted to know would it look bad for my chances on going to medical school? Would my grades I got be looked at for medical school? I am going to major in biology and going to take my biology and physics courses at my university when I transfer. Does going to a community college for 2 years put me at a disadvantage?
I just wanted your opinions thanks for your time.

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If I were you, I'd take the entire chem and bio sequence at the community college. Since you're majoring in biology, the classes won't be questioned as long as you do well in upper division.
Your fine.

I'm taking bio 1/2 and general chem 1/2 in a CC and that's it. The main thing is, don't take all your premed reqs in a CC. Then take the rest at a university.
And no it does not put you to a disadvantage at all...You just have to do the right thing. I know a physician who went to a CC, transferred to UC Berkeley (Top tier school) then went to Harvard med school...all from going to a CC first. So that shows that it doesn't matter at all. Actually a lot of people do it.

But for you since your going to major in Bio, it wouldn't matter, because ultimately you will be taking upper-levels science courses in a university anyways, it's just to show that you can really handle the course, because CC they know is "easier" or whatever
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Does going to a community college for 2 years put me at a disadvantage?
Short answer? Yes, of course it does. Getting into med school is a competitive process, and your record will be compared to others who went to 4 year colleges.

Will it matter? Only if you let it. Your app is a package, be outstanding in other areas and you can make up for a relatively weaker first two academic years.

If you're planning on moving on after this school year, I wouldn't follow the other person's advice to max out what you take at your CC. That might make next semester too hard. You'll do better in your pre-reqs by not taking more than a few at a time. Good luck
Does going to a community college for 2 years put me at a disadvantage?
There are a few med schools whose websites discourage CC coursework or say it won't be accepted, but in general, provided your classes have sufficient rigor to prepare you well to take the MCAT and upper-level coursework, and your grades don't drop when you transfer to the 4-year school, you would be minimally/insignificantly disadvantaged.