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Jan 18, 2005
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All I bring is a stethoscope, right? No reflex hammers or anything else?

I plan to wear my "student" white coat, which is short. That's OK, right? I don't need a long white coat, do I?

My white coat has a school patch on the breast pocket. Do I need to remove it or cover it with tape or something?

Are the short notes we write supposed to be handwritten or typed? My handwriting is OK, but I don't type THAT fast. Someone told me they offer computers so you can type the notes.

And in the wrap up, you are supposed to give the patient a differential diagnosis (3-5?) AND some tests you'd order? And then you list those on your written note?

SOAP note format is OK: subjective, objective, assessment (with dif), and plan (with further tests)?

Anything else I should know about this test? (No one I know has taken it yet)



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Aug 31, 2003
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1. Yes, all you can bring is the stethescope. Anything else has to go into locked storage or it will be considered an irregularity. Don't forget your permit and a photo id.

2. Short coat is fine, most have them

3. You can choose to type or write

4. They will give you a sticker to cover the patch. You probably can't use your own tape. I bet that would be an irregularity too. You can't even use your own pen!

5. Yes, give some ideas of diagnoses and tests in the wrap up but don't commit to a diagnosis.

6. You don't really do SOAP exactly. You do HPI, ROS, PMH, PSH, Meds/allergies, SH, FH. Then physical exam. Then DDx and tests.


All you need is your white coat and stethoscope. My white coat also had a patch, but they'll cover it up with some white labels. The after-H&P notes can be typed or hand-written - I'm used to writing my notes, so that's what I did. It was a full H&P.