1. M

    TBR and/or UWorld for MCAT prep

    I have TBR books and am planning to follow their 3 phase plan for B/B and C/P content review. I was planning on completing UWorld following TBR and then lastly completing AAMC materials. Since TBR contains a lot of passage based questions (more than UW, I think), is doing UWorld in addition...
  2. C

    TBR or EK?

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing fine. I am close to start studying for the MCAT which I am planning to take on April 2023. I got my hands on used books from TBR and EK thanks to some friends who passed them down to me. I was wondering which ones would be better to use for content review. For now my...
  3. I

    For Sale MCAT Books Bundle (Berkeley Review, Exam Krackers & Kaplan)

    The Berkeley Review 2013 full set (originally bought from SDN board) Exam Crackers 9th edition full set (bought directly from EK). Kaplan 2015 full set (bought directly from Kaplan). TBR books are in good condition with some pencil write-ins. Rest of the books are in excellent condition with...
  4. A

    MCAT Berkeley Review books - Like New - Purchased in 2016 from TBR Directly

    I am looking to sell The Berkeley Review MCAT science books (Bio, Gen Chem, O Chem, & Physics) that I bought in 2016. I bought the 8 books directly from TBR. Including shipping charges and taxes, I paid ~$300 for all the science books. I am willing to sell them together for $200 (plus...
  5. elloL

    TBR gen chem part II Titration curves review #25

    "Venous blood pH is approximately 7.2. Given that pka1 for H2CO3 is 6.4 and pka2 for H3PO4 is 7.1...which of the following relationships is not true about the concentrations of various species in venous blood?" The answer is that H2PO4-is not in greater concentration than HPO42- in venous...
  6. tzuyu&yuqi

    For Sale 2020 TBR Book Set

    I am selling these TBR books that I purchased in October of 2020. Scored 90%+ on CP and BB with these books so they are really worth the money! Condition: No marking/highlights. like new. Price: $250 (Original price including shipping was around $320). Can ship or can pick up if you are in the...
  7. taharahislam

    The Berkley Review Anki Deck

    Does anybody have a pre-made Anki deck for The Berkley Review books they’d be willing to share? 🥺
  8. A

    MCAT Berkeley Review Full Set - Like New - Purchased in 2020 from TBR Directly

    Like the title says, I am looking to sell a complete set of The Berkeley Review MCAT study books that I bought just this past February of 2020. I bought a brand new set of books delivered by Berkeley. Including shipping charges and taxes, I paid $413 for the entire set. I am willing to sell...
  9. taharahislam

    The Berkely Review MCAT Course

    Has anyone taken the MCAT course at TBR? What was it like? Do you recommend it for someone who needs structure in their studying?
  10. D

    For Sale MCAT Books: TBR, NextStep, Kaplan, Princeton Review, ExamKrackers

    Please let me know if you are interested! Two quick notes: 1. All prices are negotiable, especially if you are interested in bundling up! 2. Free shipping for any combination of over $100. The Berkeley Review Full Set (2018): All books are like new with BLANK passages, and minimal writing or...
  11. elloL

    The Berkley Review - updated?

    I am currently ordering supplies to start studying for the MCAT, and I have seen many favorable reviews for TBR content books. I went on their website to order, but some of their stuff is from 2018 and some from 2019. I looked for the newest versions, but could not find them. Are these the most...
  12. hexagonalsunglass

    The Berkeley Review (TBR) - 2013 edition

    Berkeley Review ⁃ Physics 1,2 (2013 edition) ⁃ Chem 1,2 (2012 edition) ⁃ Organic Chemistry (2013 edition) ⁃ Biology 1,2 (2013 edition) Marked with pencil and erased. Very faintly visible. $170 for all (no individual books). FREE SHIPPING
  13. V

    The Berkely Review Complete Set + EK Verbal 101

    Selling my Berkeley Review book set (all 10 of them) which are in excellent condition - no writing, underlining, highlighting whatsoever. I take very good care of my books. I can also include the EK verbal 101 passages book I used - with minimal writing (with pencil) for FREE. I would like to...
  14. I

    MCAT books for sale! EK, TPR, TBR

    Hi everyone, I am selling my MCAT books. Please DM me @icyseal171 for any inquiries. Ships only to US. Mcat: Old edition set TBR + others: $75 shipping included This is the older edition for the MCAT prior to 2015, but it contains a lot of practice questions and concepts that are also in the...
  15. N

    For Sale UNWRITTEN IN Berkeley Review (2018 ed.) + Exam Krackers Biology (10 ed.) + Princeton Review CARS Workbook

    All books are entirely unwritten in and are gently used. There are no markings whatsoever in any of the books. Books include: The Berkeley Review 2018 ed. complete science set (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - 8 books) MCATBros charges $300... mine are $278 in...
  16. J

    Selling MCAT Prep Books (EK, Kaplan, The Berkley Review)

    Hi Everyone! I'm selling the following books (PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE), message me if you'd like some pictures :) ExamKrackers 10th Edition BOOK SET (NEW, no highlights/writing): $150 including shipping The Berkley Review Printed 2017 (NEW, no highlights/writing): $140 +shipping Organic...
  17. DoctorOrdinary

    MCAT test date

    Hey guys, I'm planning on registering for the MCAT soon but want to be 100% sure that I'm scheduling myself appropriately. My plan is to apply as soon as AMCAS opens up, so I would ideally want my scores before June 1st. The latest MCAT date that would allow me to do this would be April 13th...
  18. EnzymaticFuture

    How to use TBR??

    Hello everyone. I’m very confused on how to to use TBR books properly. I’m using them to study for Chem and Physics. Lots of their passages have new matieral that i haven’t reviewed and they contain various phases per chapter. How should i approach this? @BerkReviewTeach do you or anyone else...
  19. EnzymaticFuture

    TBR or TPR

    Hello everyone!! For content review, is it better to use TPR instead of TBR? I have all the TBR books and was told to use them for their passages. What would be a better source of content review? Thank you!
  20. D


    Hey folks, I've got a bunch of MCAT study material that is in NEW condition. None of these books have been written in, highlighted, or creased. All books are in immaculate shape. Prices include shipping (assuming you are within the continental US) and paypal fees. Feel free to PM with any...
  21. M

    SN2ed/MCAT Jelly/Nymeria books set. TBR, TPR, EK and extras

    The complete sn2ed/MCAT jelly/nymeria book set plus extras. Full “The Berkeley Review” book set, Exam Krackers 1001 books, Exam Krackers 101 passages in MCAT verbal reasoning, Exam Krackers Biology, “The Princeton Review” MCAT cars workbook (the new version of TPR hyper learning). All books...
  22. esob

    For Sale MCAT Books: Berkeley Review (TBR) / Exam Krackers / Princeton (TPR)

    The Berkeley Review Full Set, includes (copyright dates listed): $275 shipped to the 48 states. - Bio I + II (2016) - Gen Chem I + II (2016) - Ochem I + II (2016) - Physics I + II (2018) - Psych (2016) - Verbal (2013) All are in like new condition, with near zero markings. - I also have the...
  23. H

    TBR or Kaplan

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying the TBR 2013 science books, but I currently have the 2016 Kaplan books. What're your thoughts? Should I buy TBR or just stick with Kaplan?
  24. H

    Question about (older) MCAT prep books

    Hi all, I currently have Kaplan 2016 MCAT study books and looking into buying TBR 2016-2017 MCAT prep books from ebay. I'm applying to medical school (hopefully) next year. Am I good with some "older" prep books or should I invest more money into 2018-2019 ones? Thanks
  25. F

    For Sale TBR 2016-2017, EK, Kaplan, NextStep Psych, and TPR Hyperlearning books for sale

    MCAT Books for bid on ebay. Please look at description for information. I'm happy to answer any questions. TBR 2016-2017: Berkeley Review MCAT 2016 and 2017 copyrights | eBay Examkrackers 9th Edition: Examkrackers MCAT 9th edition | eBay Kaplan 2015: Kaplan MCAT 2015 - 7 book series +...
  26. S

    The Berkeley Review Thoughts?

    How are these books? are they worth it for every subject? Should I buy the full set? Passages good?
  27. A

    Kaplan course online passages SO HARD!! Please help

    I have 2016 The Berkeley Review books for content. I purchased the Kaplan self-study passages, which is kind of like an online qbank for the new MCAT. They also come in the Kaplan courses. The passages are ridiculously hard compared to TBR, for me at least. I am scoring 55-60% on the Kaplan...
  28. 8


  29. Q

    TBR Phase Improvements

    Hi all, TBR fans and experts! I've started studying with TBR Science books for over a week now, and am just starting to do the phase 2s of the first chapters. I keep reading everywhere that you're supposed to improve from phase 1 to phase 2, but in all the subjects I seem to be dropping from...
  30. K

    Berkeley Review (TBR) MCAT Books - Newest Editions - For Sale!!

    Hi y'all! I'm selling my NEW Berkeley Review MCAT book set. Purchased brand new in summer 2017 for the new MCAT. Excellent condition/Like new with some highlighting but NO WRITING. All practice exams and quizzes have absolutely no markings. Set includes all 8 books (minus psychology and CARS)...
  31. Q

    Resonance - Electron Withdrawing or Donating

    Hi, I am unsure how you would determine if a group is electron withdrawing or electron donating by the resonance forms. My confusion stems from the amide group...I thought from the resonance that the carbonyl group would be electron withdrawing (by getting a partial negative charge) and...
  32. B

    NEW(2017/18) TBR LIGHTLY marked books for sale, $180 starting bid, free shipping

    Hey guys, selling my TBR books that I used for my test a couple months ago. I bought them last year at their location in Berkeley. I highlighted one page and a few words(maybe 10) here and there. Pretty much unmarked books. Here is the Ebay page where I have them posted. The Berkeley Review...
  33. K

    For Sale Berkeley Review MCAT books (newest edition) for sale!!

    Selling MCAT set of Berkeley Review books. These are the new books for the current MCAT. Physics 1+2, Gen chem 1+2, Orgo 1+2, Bio 1+2. Includes all books except CARS and Psych. I used CARS passages from TPR hyperlearning and examkrackers as well as the AAMC material. I used psych from purely...
  34. P

    For people who used TBR books

    Any input from people that used TBR books for the sciences would be greatly appreciated. My plan is to review using KA videos for biology, organic, and selected topics in physics and chemistry. I plan to read the TBR chapters for subjects I'm weak in. Can you say electrochemistry? I plan to...
  35. T

    CARS success discrepancies

    Hey gang, Two things: 1) I've been using the latest TBR CARS book and usually scoring only 60%. I assume that is not good. I then dug up my old "EK 101 passages in MCAT VR" book and tried those and did significantly better, 78% (keep in mind this is an old book and was designed for the old...
  36. chelsrebecca

    For Sale **SELLING MCAT PREP BOOKS (The Berkeley Review, Examkrackers, NextStep)!!!**

    I used these prep books this past year (january-july 2017) and found them all very helpful! These books helped me get accepted into medical school on my first try, hopefully they’ll help you too! I am not looking to sell the books I have listed in sets as individual copies but contact me if you...
  37. T

    Advertisement The Berkeley Review 2016 for sale

    TBR books for sale. All books are 2016 copyright, except CARS (2017 copyright). Look in details for further information. Bid here: Berkeley Review - 10 book set (2016) | eBay
  38. T

    Advertisement TBR - starting price $100

    9 books from the berkeley review for bidding at ebay: Berkeley Review - 9 Books for MCAT | eBay
  39. T

    TBR 2015 Books for sale $150 OBO

    Selling General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics sets for $150 OBO. These books are still in brand new condition.
  40. M

    TBR Gchem passage XI buffers question 75

    Question 75: For which of these titrations is the pH at equivalence the same, regardless of concentration? A- the titration of a weak acid by a weak base B- The titration of a strong acid by a weak base C-The titration of the first proton of a weak diprotic acid by a strong base D-The...