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  1. a_zed24


  2. T

    Temple Pharmacy class of 2027 alternate

    I had my interview last week and got an ‘alternate admission’ Anyone else on this boat or was & have any tips on what to do ??
  3. Alessandra20


    Hey everyone so i haven’t been able to get much confirmation from anyone but regarding the Fall Academic deadline for pharmcas, is that for applicants who haven’t been accepted yet or the latter? I got accepted and committed into my program in November 2021 but am still in my last semester of...
  4. B

    Creighton PharmD, Class of 2026

    Hi all! I thought I’d start a thread for us who have been accepted into the Creighton Distance program for the class of 2026. I’d love to connect with my fellow classmates!
  5. rxsia

    VCU Pharmacy?

    Has anybody applied so far? If so what are your stats if you’d like to share? How are you feeling so far about the admission process?
  6. diana2000

    Application on hold

    Roosevelt university reached out to me and said my application is on hold until they get my fall semester grades (current semester) in? is that a good sign or bad sign?? i’ve been asked for interviews for 6 other schools i applied to but this is the first time i’ve ever heard of a hold? my...
  7. P

    Dropped out of pharmacy school, now what?

    So, I’ve dropped out of pharmacy school. To be fully transparent, I was halfway through my program. I feel confident in my decision but now I’m struggling to figure out what to do next! I do have an undergrad degree so I’m looking in to that, but it seems everything required a higher degree or...
  8. L

    Pharmacy interview?

    I recently got interviews from pharmacy programs and does getting an interview mean you're basically in? i was surprised because I applied to high ranking schools and managed to get an interview. They emailed me saying my interview date and that they're going to go over my academic record to see...
  9. M

    Temple Pharmacy class of 2025 alternate list

    I was put into the "alternate" list after the interview for the Temple Pharmacy program. I emailed Hankins for an update but she only told me "your current status as alternate remains". I feel really anxious. What are the chances to get in? Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. Alessandra20

    Address academic probation?

    Hello everyone :) I am in the works of applying for the upcoming pharmacy cycle and there is a question regarding if I have received any academic violations of which I was on academic probation as well as received 1 F and 1 XE (failure to show up to final(i contracted cellulitis and was unable...
  11. Alessandra20

    Community college credits?

    Hello everyone! hope you’re all doing well, i wanted to take my orgo 1 and 2 this spring/summer but the classes are full at my university. Does taking them at a community college affect my acceptance to pharmacy school at all? i currently have a 3.3 gpa, have retaken a couple classes (got an A...
  12. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy school admissions? PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone I am a junior at the moment and have been pursuing pharmacy and plan on applying for the fall 2021 cycle. In terms of my stats, I have 3.68 gpa right now and pcat within the 80th percentile. Though my transcript is not the best and I was wondering if I have lost my chance at any...
  13. Y

    MUSC Class of 2025

    Hey y'all, This thread is for anyone who has been accepted into the Medical University of South Carolina's School of Pharmacy Class of 2025. Feel free to share your thoughts about your acceptance and please be respectful of fellow respondents.
  14. H

    How Long Did It Take For Them To Reply To Your Application?

    I submitted my application for Fall 2021. It was verified by PharmCas two days ago. I was just wondering if any students who have applied there could tell me how long it took for them to reach out to you afterwards. Thank you!
  15. Aimee19

    How wise is in terms of salary for a CPhT changing major to become a RN?

    I'm a certified pharmacy technician at CVS. I have read that at any pharmacy, whether CVS or Walgreens, even as a pharmacy intern after starting pharmacy school, there would not be as much raise in earning as a RN makes with a associate degree in science. How true is that? Also I am 35 now and...
  16. P

    AHHH Which School Should I choose!

    Helloooo, I will be graduating with my bachelors in May and I just finished my pharm school application process! All that's left to do is choose a school. I was admitted to OSU, Temple, U Mich, and Albany. I am still waiting to hear back from Rutgers. Honestly, I think it has come down to Ohio...
  17. L

    UT Austin College of Pharmacy: Why is there an extra LITERATURE pre req?

    So apparently if you want to go to UT Austin COP you have to take an extra literature class outside of the core requirement even if you have a bachelors degree? Michigan State, UNC Chapel Hill, UM twin cities, UCSF (All of which are ranked HIGHER than UTA) dont require this as a pre req. TAMU...
  18. P

    Help!! Trying to make a decision

    If anyone can give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated. So I recently I went on an interview for a pharmacy school in NY and today I just heard back from the school that I was put on the waitlist. It is a little disappointing especially because this school was my first choice...
  19. M

    What do (pharmacy) schools think of a W on a transcript?

    I’m currently in a biochemistry course that will not transfer as a required credit to the pharmacy school I want to attend. The one I needed to take, I switched out of last minute due to misinformation (lady on the phone at grad school told me it was OK- when it was in fact, not), now it’s too...
  20. P

    Chances to getting into good pharmacy schools? Success stories?

    Hi all. I really want to go to a good California pharmacy school like USC, UCSF, or UCSD. I am a well-rounded student but my GPA isn't super stellar. I have a 2.8 cumulative and 2.6 for math and science. In terms of my extracurriculars, I'm part of the Pre-pharm club at my school and served as...
  21. M

    Anyone taking PCAT July 2019? Have you started PharmCAS/personal statement?

    With studying for the past month or so for the July 12, 2019 PCAT, I haven't done anything for PharmCAS or started my personal statement. I emailed a professor about a LOR but she hasn't gotten back to me, and I figured I'd tell my pharmacist at work about doing it after the exam as well. My...
  22. K

    Random PCAT 2019 questions!!

    Hi guys! I am scheduled to take the PCAT this July 2019 and had a couple questions. For the chemistry section, are calculators / periodic tables provided? I heard basic calculators are provided for certain questions, but Dr. Collins has a lot of practice questions that involve finding pH...
  23. S

    Dalhousie Pharmacy 2019 Applicants

    Hi, It doesn't seem as if there is a thread yet for 2019 Dalhousie Pharmacy, so I thought I might start one for this year. Could everyone comment when they receive an interview call? And as well, does Dalhousie Pharm call for rejections as well? Thanks in advance!
  24. P

    Pharmacy school is reviewing my application, how long until I am notified for an interview?

    Hello everyone, I have submitted my pharmacy school application and was notified that the school has received it and gave me my portal log-in information. It currently says that they are reviewing my application and I will be emailed with any updates. It has been a week now and I just wanted to...
  25. ChicPharmDee

    Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE).

    Hey, everyone! So I start my first year of Pharmacy school next semester, but I am not certified at as a Pharm Tech. Honestly, it's super hard getting pharmacy jobs without the license, and I have yet to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination. I wanted to know how easy (or...
  26. M

    Which to choose: UT Tyler or UIW Feik?

    I am considering choosing between UT Tyler College of Pharmacy or UIW Feik School of Pharmacy. I know the first still is in the precandidate status so that one con that might deter me from picking the school. However, Feik is a private school and I've heard rumors of it being a diploma mill...
  27. A

    I listed lab and lecture combined classes on PharmCAS

    I listed biology and human and anatomy classes as lab and lecture combined classes on PharmCAS and I made sure on everything before I completed the finalization. But when I downloaded my application flies to schools I applied for, these classes are shown as lecture-only classes. I don't know...
  28. P


    Hello, I took the pcat this september and used dr collins and it was not similar to the pcat at all I ended up doing horrible and i used kaplan and collins for quantitative section and still did bad. Can someone please tell me what to study for the biology chem and math. Biology I did the worst...
  29. D

    How does going to back to community college to meet pharm school requirements work?

    I have already graduated from a 4 year school with a BS degree. However, I am going back to my local community college to take a couple more classes to meet pharmacy school requirement. How does that work? My community college requires that I need to choose my objective for readmission, and the...
  30. P

    PLEASE ANSWER!!! Dr.Collins PCAT materials

    Hey guys! Please please please I need help. I am so confused. Okay so last year I bought the updated 2017 version of the Dr.Collins PCAT study material. But I was unable to take the PCAT for personal reasons ( I was set to take it the Oct of 2017). Now I am set to take the PCAT Sept of 2018...
  31. P

    Northeastern University Pharmacy school class of 2022

    Just wondering if anyone heard back from Northeastern Pharmacy school? I had interview two weeks ago, probably it is the last round, but I didn't find too much info about class of 2022. Any input?
  32. D

    Accepted students and pre-pharm students, What are your stats?

    To all accepted pharmacy students and students who are planning to go into pharmacy, what are your GPA, PCAT score, extracurricular activities, pharmacy experiences, leadership experience, etc? It would be great to know the general stats of all fellow pre-pharm students and accepted students so...
  33. U

    I failed 2 classes... am I screwed?

    So, I'm currently a student at a community college, and I'm planning to transfer to a 4-year institution as a Junior this Fall (USC hopefully.) I got D's in 2 online courses (GE's) last year because I forgot to take the finals (idiotic, I know.) I managed to repeat the courses during the Winter...
  34. P

    need help for the school decisions

    Hi folks, I have four pharmacy schools to decide and I would appreciate all your thoughts and inputs. MCPHS at Worcester, Northeastern U, Temple U and Jefferson. The location, cost and residency are what I considered, and I will have to take loan. Also, does anyone know how much of the...
  35. C

    ***University of Maryland PharmD (UMSOP) Acceptance Thread***

    Hey guys! I can't seem to find a thread for UMSOP, so I just decided to make one. Anyone going to Maryland?
  36. T

    Chances of Pharmacy School?

    Hey everyone, Right now I'm trying to go for the 2-year prerequisites and then apply to pharmacy schools around me. I was wondering what I should do/need to do to better my chances of getting into the school of my choice. I want to apply to UNT, Tech, UT, and UT Tyler pharmacy colleges. Also...
  37. I

    Do I have a chance?

  38. N

    How likely am I to get in?

    What's my chance of getting into pharmacy school? According to PharmCAS, my science GPA is 3.52 and the cumulative is 3.76. I'm also a biology major, minor in chemistry, and will be graduating in May, so my GPA includes courses not required for pharmacy school. I took the PCAT in October and I...