May 17, 2019
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  1. Pre-Medical
So I originally was going to test this past September (2020). I began studying in April and focused more on content review than practice passages. I ended taking NS1 499, AAMC sample 8/19 (141/230), AAMC FL1 9/2 (124,124,125,126), AAMC FL3 9/9 (127,123,124,125). I decided it would be best for me to reschedule I was also still in school and going through some really tough personal things at the time. I loosely started to pick back up on content review in November with the Kaplan books and started to study really hard after the new year. I also started using UWORLD and have about a 60% correct. I was still reviewing content through KA videos and coursesaver. I also restarted the AAMC Qpacks and went from a 69% to 79% in bio, 53% to 70% in physics and 55% to 78% in chem.

Well I just took the Altius practice test and got a 496 (125,123,123,125). I scored worse than before and have been studying way harder and doing way more practice questions. I looked at the percentages compared to AAMC and its pretty fair, my score inst deflated, but what do I do now. I test May 1st and this completely discouraged me I only have AAMC 2 and AAMC 4 left and im scared to take those because if I do poorly I will have nothing to help me practice. I really wanted to apply early this cycle and have everything submitted by early June please if anyone can help me please reach out! Is it possible to still score 510+?
Feb 5, 2020
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  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
I wouldn’t take AAMC FL2 and 4 until you’re ready. Your low scores indicate that you still need more content review. There are plenty of study plans lying around on SDN. Find one and stick to a 3-month plan. You should be ready to apply.
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