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Mar 3, 2008
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Which is the best surgery textbook?

If you have the option of choosing among "Hutchison's Clinical Methods," "Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine", and "Davidson's Principles And Practice of Medicine" which one would you go with?

Which book would you recommend: Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease, or Lippincott's Essential Pathology?

Thank you all!


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Jul 11, 2004
It depends what your goals are: if you need books to study for the shelf or step 2 then those are too bulky. If you are getting them as a reference then I would go with Schwartz (sp??) for surgery, Harrison for medicine and Robbin's for pathophys. But I would look at them in the library first, also if you have access to and through your school or library then you can find some of them for free on-line. Check it out. They even have some review books for free (like Lange series).


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Oct 10, 2003
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As Bubchik puts it, it depends on your level of ambition.

For surgery, I used Davidson's P & P of surgery combined with Bailey's short practice of surgery. Both are excellent books, though the latter is heavier to read. Orthopedic surgery isn't described well in any of these two books, so might want to look elsewhere.

Not familiar with Hutchinson's CM, but if you were to choose between Kumar and Clark and Davidson's, I'd say go for Davidson's. I initially bought Kumar and Clark, but soon found out that Davidson's was a far better text.

As for pathology, nothing compares to Robbins!
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