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My experience tells me it's unclear what is the best thing to do. I've heard arguments for both sides. When I applied to medical school, I didn't write thank you notes. Some do, and some don't. I don't think it makes that much of a difference, but as others have stated on SDN, it can hurt you if you write a bad letter.

I was told by my residency director not to write thank you letters for residency applications. However, I wrote to every single person I met during the interviews. I took notes on my Palm and wrote individual letters on my lap top on the plane.

I suggest you write the the thank you note if you want to or feel that it is important to you; otherwise, do not feel obligated because it's not expected.


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There have been many discussions on this topic. IMHO, the verdict is neither essential nor phony, but simply polite. Do a search for more opinions than you're likely to want to read! Good luck on your interviews. :)
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Jeebus... do we really need to beat this to death so many times? Be courteous and send them. If it helps, it helps. If it makes no difference, you're still being courteous.



hah - i took the lazy man's way out and fired off e-mails - and from what i have gathered from the responses they appreciated it - made replying easy, and its no sweat off my chest

of course they are only worth the paper they are printed on ...;)

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