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OK well its a catchy title for you to see this post.

Today, the Sr. Associate Dean of Baylor Med, Dr. James Philips came to my school to talk about baylor med. Well im sure we all know what to do to get into med school, and all that other good junk. he ranked what baylor looks at in an applicant so im posting it here (just give us an idea of how these med schools select candidates)
3.Reference letters
6.Health-related experience/shadowing
7.other life experiences
8. academic progression (if you blew up freshmen year and busted your a$$ off the rest of your college career)
I asked him if undergrad institution played any role in admissions, and he said no that it all depends on gpa/mcat regardless of where you attend school. He also said that 70% of acceptances are TX-residents, so that kinda blows if you are non-texan.
Hope that helps a little
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