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    Step 2 CS worries

  3. D

    have to retake my first premed class

    I am a First Semester Freshman who is about to start up school again in 2 weeks, and I just got an email from my academic advisory saying that I need to retake Principles of Biology 1 in either this Summer or in the Fall Semester (Have a D+ while the grade to pass is a C-). Being from fresh...
  4. H

    Advice for incoming Freshman PreMed?

    I will be starting as a freshman at UCLA this year and I have heard many terrifying rumors about the competitiveness and weed out classes. Any advice from other Pre Meds as to how to overcome this competitiveness? Tips and Tricks would be greatly appreciated. Im also stressed about when to find...
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  6. Kuzcoo

    Thoughts on year long plan?

    Hi, I'm currently a freshman and it's my second semester in college. I have some question in regards to taking Organic Chemistry and Physics. From what I researched, Organic Chemistry and Physics is a problem for many pre-med students, and I wonder if it’s smart to have some space between these...
  7. T

    USMLE STEP 2 CS - Did I screw up?

    I been reading many threads on SDN about people failing step 2 CS and it's freaking me out now. I took my test in January and I'm still waiting on my results...anxiously. What worries me is that I ran out of time on 2 patient notes... for one I left the work-up section completely blank. For...
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    Hey everyone. I’m very worried about my step 1 score... I’m taking the test in mid-March and beginning to study (dedicated) in the second week of January. The problem is I have always been below average as a student in medical school and have had to retake 2 exams. My goal score is 230+ because...
  9. ImSkyKid

    Internship Interview Questions

    Folks in the internship invite/rejection thread had the idea of creating a thread about interview questions, so viola. Please feel free to share materials you have or sources you have found helpful for you to prepare. If you have example questions from previous years, it would be cool to know...
  10. Richanesthesiologist

    What are my chances of Medical School? Freaking Out

    I just finished my freshman year and I really want to get into medical school or my University's Junior Medical Honors Program (UF). I will apply to this program Spring Sophomore year. My science GPA dropped from a 4.0 to a 3.95 because I bombed the ecology section of my biology test (who...
  11. J

    Kaplan FLs same as my AAMC practice test scores????

    So I've been doing the Kaplan course the past couple of months and have gotten: 503, 505, 507 and 509 on my last FL tests. From the forums, everyone was saying that the AAMC practice test is sooo much easier than the Kaplan tests and that you should expect at least a 3 point increase. So going...
  12. Y

    It's November and I still haven't received an interview yet.

    Okay, this is my second time applying to dental school. I submitted my application at the beginning of July, which means it wasn't verified and sent out to my schools until the end of July. I retook my DAT in mid August. On the first DAT, I scored an 18 on AA, 16 PAT, and 17 on Science. When I...
  13. colormecolorful

    So When Should I be Getting Interview Invites?

    So here's the deal. I applied to 15 schools and completed secondaries for 9 of them by the end of August. Now it's October 1 and I've only gotten one interview. When should I be freaking out? Some people say end of October, others say to stick it out until April. What's everyone's opinion?
  14. Y

    Freaking out a little. And by a little, I mean like a lot.

    Kind of similar to something I've posted before but here goes whatever.. LW need to vent so excuse me if this is slightly all over the place. Just hoping someone can help me out here I'm in the spring semester of my junior year now and with med school apps creeping up slowly, I've started to...