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Sep 19, 2002
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Just by interest--does anyone else have an insane schedule this semester? I am in my senior year, and I seem to be taking on more and more committments. This application process takes a lot more time that I imagined. I actually have lightest credit load ever with only 16 credits. (One credit is Indep. Study Bio Lab). I am also in Army ROTC as an MSIV. We are intensly preparing for BOLC and OBC (Basic Officer Leadership Course and Officer Basic Camp military training upon commissioning) and are responsible for running the cadet Battalion (with assistance from Cadre). We meet for PT M,W,F 0600-0730. Then, I started a special program for extra PT for cadets desiring to improve fitness level (all cadets have to pass Army Physical Fitness Test to remain in program), so now we meet Tue/Thurs 0600-0700. I also am co-president of Cadet Council (like student council at university) responsible for planning social events and fundraising.
I am taking two senior level science classes, along with Army Professionalism & Ethics class and religion class requiring paper written every week. To afford applying to school I am working 15-20 hours week with Dining services and Chemisty department. I am also a distance runner training for 1/2 marathon dec (running 35-40 miles/week). Hence, usually I end up with 4-5 hours sleep/night.
Anyone else in this same predictament? I find myself having very little time to fill out secondaries. When I do, I am trying to rush through so my academic performance doesn't suffer. Anyone have any tips/suggestions how to manage time during this busy time of senior year? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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