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Feb 25, 2002
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Has Tufts rejected anybody post-interview? I interviewed in October and recieved a wish-washy letter in January saying they haven't made a decision. I realize I've addressed this issue before, but nobody really knew anything last month. Time has passed, and I was just wondering if anybody learned anything new about Tufts admissions policies. Please, nobody say the next time the committee meets is May. Katie, they say they accept like 400-something of 800-or-so interviewees. Does that include waitlisted accepts? I've been rejected everywhere else. Is it somewhat safe to confide in a Tufts acceptance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hi will,

I don't know when the committee will meet again, but I think they meet on a fairly regular basis so that everyone gets some type of decision (even a "hold") within 6 weeks of interviewing. The 50%+ acceptance rate does include those accepted off of the waitlist, who make up a large proportion of the class most years.

Oh, I want to clarify that a remark made earlier on this board had to do with a conflict I had with a certain administrator who will remain nameless at Tufts. Most of the faculty here is great, and the students I have sought help and support from for the most part are caring and kind individuals. We do have our share of arrogant jerks, but that is true of every med school. anyway, good luck in the application process; sorry I couldn't give you more definite information about the committee meetings..