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  1. Y

    Waitlisted or soft-rejection?

    I interviewed at ECU on Nov 17th. Today is Dec 1st and I received an email stating that “at this time, your application is currently under active review by the admissions committee, but a final decision has not yet been made.” Does this mean I have been waitlisted? Soft-rejected?
  2. T00thFa1ry

    Experiences information 2021-2022 cycle

    Hello! I completed my experiences list and am hoping that someone could tell me if the way I listed my description/key responsibilities is written in a way that is acceptable for the dental school application. Thank you! I am only waiting for my last LOR to be submitted, then hope to submit my...
  3. A

    Help with dental admission please :(

    Good evening everyone. Canadian here who is gonna be mass applying to US dental schools. So basically my situation is that i really messed up my first year due to severe illness (Depression + IBD) and personal problems. Gpa first year = 1.30 but then that summer i overcame all that and got...
  4. N

    What schools should I add to my application?

    I'm a Wisconsin resident and I'm curious what schools I should add onto my application before I submit - I only have 6 right now and I'd like about 8-10. GPA: 3.44 sGPA: 3.09 DAT: 23 AA / 23 PAT / 25 QR / 23 RC / 21 BIO / 22 GC / 22 OC / 22 TS I have LORs from two science professors (who I...
  5. Typical Average Student

    *~*~*TMDSAS 2020*~*~*

    Tempus fugit; TMDSAS opens today. Feel free to ask any questions. School & Acceptance/Rejection/Interview: Notification date: Method of notification: Email Residency: TMDSAS mail-out date: GPA (science, overall): DAT (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): Dates available OR your interview...
  6. I

    Junior year Classes

    So my sophomore year I took cell bio, physics, and organic chem at the same time for both semesters. Currently I am in the first semester of my junior year and am taking biochem, analytical chem, and calculus. My question is whether or not it would look bad if I took biochem 2 and some easy...
  7. N

    Dental School Personal Statement Reveiw

    Hi guys, I have been working on my personal statement for my dental school application for awhile. I was hoping if any of you wouldn't mind reading it for grammatical errors and to give me feedback. I would greatly appreciate it. If you are interested, please send me a message. :)
  8. HoHoKus Dental Associates


    Hello Pre-Dental Students! Keep an eye out for our coming thread! We are giving YOU the opportunity to intern with HoHoKus Dental Associates THIS YEAR!
  9. C

    Help! Want to apply to dental schools but student debt scares me

    Hi guys! I really want to apply to dental schools. I actually applied last cycle and didn't get in (it's probably because I took my DAT like at the end of August eventhough I submitted everything way before that --> my AA is 22, TS 24, RC 16, QR 20, PAT 20, OC 28, GC 21 [RC is probably another...
  10. H

    suggestions for schools to apply?

    Hi, I'm going to apply to dental schools this upcoming cycle in June 2018 and I need suggestions on schools which I can apply for that I have chances to get into. DAT: PAT-19 QR-18 RC-17 Biol-27 GC-21 OC-23 TS-24 AA-21. (I'm worried about my PAT, QR, and RC scores especially the 17 with...
  11. FutureDentist97

    Comments on my list of schools for the 2018 cycle, please? Thanks:)

    Thank you:)
  12. V

    DAT Breakdown 2018 (19 PAT/20 QR/25 RC/18 BIO/16 GC/25 OC/18 TS/20 AA)

    Hello! I am planning on applying this June, but am a little worried about my numbers. I have a 3.0 GPA and I didn't do super well (Bs and Cs) in my core science classes in undergrad. I don't have high hopes in terms of top schools, but would I be able to get in to any schools with my GPA + DAT...
  13. M


    Hey all! I just wanted to see what kind of advice I could get, as I am currently thinking dental school and will hopefully be applying next summer. I will be a rising junior anthropology major at a liberal arts college this coming fall. I am really nervous for the whole application process as...
  14. D

    Here we go... what are my chances?

    Alright, guys. I'm now going to be one of the many many students that have posted this exact thread probably, but I'm hoping some of you can help put my mind at ease a little bit. I am currently filling out my dental school application (where has the time gone...) and I figured I'd give some of...
  15. JackM255

    Using the Professional transcript entry question

    I was simply curious if anyone has used the transcript entry service that costs like $65. I am contemplating using this simply to save time. Does using it look bad or can schools not see that it was used? Just was hoping for some feedback on it. Thanks!
  16. DynamicPathfinder96

    To Retake a Class or to Keep Pushing Forward

    Hello, I'm new here and I just need some advice about raising my science GPA and whether if Dental School looks into being in the Dean's List for long periods of time. I'm a Bio-Tech major and I just finished my last semester as a college sophomore and I had a 3.41 GPA with an Overall GPA of 3.2...
  17. D

    DAT questions

    I am applying to dental schools this June. My DAT score was a 17. My GPA is 3.72 I have a minor in Spanish. I am a student-athlete. What are my chances of getting into schools with these statistics. I was a collegiate basketball player for all four years of college. I have over 150 hours of...
  18. ireallyloveteeth

    Academic Renewal

  19. rileyedmister

    Tough dental school interview questions

    I have recently been stuck on the question - "What are you nervous about for Dental School?" Was this question brought up in anyones interviews? Thanks!
  20. N

    Dental School Connections

    Since the threads on this are over ten years old I wanted some new advice on this issue. I have some professional connections who work at three dental schools and was wondering the extent that that can help? Do dental schools function based off of connections that aren't just from donors? Such...
  21. ucfknight7

    Nontraditional Pre-dental student applying this cycle! (PLEASE HELP)

    If you guys could give some solid advice for my personal situation I'd appreciate so much. I'm a senior and I was planning on applying to dental school this upcoming cycle, but I am stuck on whether or not that is the best route for me. I have a low GPA that should be around 3.2, which is mainly...
  22. D

    SDN Tips: Publication

    Hey all, Looking for help from the community! I'm looking for general tips, advice, and things you wish you had known in general when completing the AADSAS application. I will be publishing this on my site as a part 2 to "What is AADSAS?", with credit and shout out to you and any pages you want...
  23. B

    Applying to Colorado a few months after moving there- resident?

    Hi SDN! I'm new here and am a senior in college. I plan on applying to dental school post grad, but am going to be taking a year off first (I chose the dental path a little late, so I'll be doing a post-bacc program to get my pre-reqs done). My question is- I currently live in Minnesota and am...
  24. Azide047

    Admission to most competitive dental school

    I applied to 15 schools and want to know my chances of getting interviews at the following dental schools: Harvard, Penn, Columbia, Michigan, UNC, UCLA, UCSF, UConn, Case Western, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia-Augusta, Texas A&M (Baylor), U-Wash, Tufts Here are my stats: GPAs according to ADEA...
  25. A

    Should you follow up with dental schools after submitting applications?

    Hey everyone, I submitted my AADSAS application about a week ago and had a question about following up on the status of my apps with the dental school. I know some dental schools specifically say "please refrain from calling or emailing our office regarding your application status", so I'm...
  26. S

    When to take Dat

    Hi! I had a question when to take my dat. I am reapplying in June 2017 and am doing graduate school starting in August for a year. I was wondering when I should retake my DAT. I was thinking in August because I only have to take two hours in the summer so I would have time to study. Please let...
  27. kcc96

    Could someone explain the dental school application process?

    After seeing these two post, Interview/Acceptance/Rejection Thread and Application Timeline Thread, I realized there is so much I don't know about the application process and it's a little overwhelming. Could someone explain the process to the best of their ability? What is AADSAS? Why does...
  28. toothdriller1

    2016-2017 AADSAS Application Cycle

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this was already addressed but how do you know what batch you are in for this year's cycle? If I submitted on 6/25/16 am I in the first batch? Sorry if this is a repeated question.
  29. D

    Should I take more science classes or complete the music minor?

    Hi, I want to ask the wise SDNers about something as I have a question about sGPA vs. Minor completion priority. My sGPA as I am heading senior year this Fall is in the 3.2 range. I am thinking of applying to dental school right after my senior year, so I have to plan out my senior year schedule...
  30. D

    Is dentistry today at UMD a form of an academic enrichment?

    So slowly filling out the AADSAS (im sure fellow applicants feel my pain, you got this guys!) But would Dentistry Today, a 3 day program at University of Maryland, School of Dentistry in which you learn about dentistry and different specialties, shadow a dental student, and get a tour of the...
  31. D

    AADSAS Transcripts???

    Alright, I tried to see if anyone had asked this question before but couldn't find it. Basically aadsas has a transcript request form I have to print out. Do they expect me to go to my university, give the registrar this form in person? Is there anyway I can do this online? Like...what about...
  32. D

    (stupid) Question about filling out AADSAS application

    So...when I fill out the application will there be an option to save my answers? That way I can fill out over a period of a few days. Or will I have to fill it out right away and submit it then and there.
  33. J

    Taking DAT after application submission?

    Hey! So I'm taking my DAT on July 12th, but I want to get my application in as soon as possible (because it's rollinga admissions right?) Is there a disadvantage to sending my DATs in later? My letters are strong. My GPA could be better (3.4 overall and 3.1ish science). But I also studied at a...
  34. J

    Dental school course requirements! Help!

    Hey guys! So I just graduated from undergrad, and I'm preparing for the apps and the DAT. I was looking into University of New England, Maine and apparently Microbio and Human Anatomy are pre-reqs?? Is this a hard "you must have taken these courses"? At my school, microbio and human anatomy were...
  35. Z

    Are these DAT scores good enough?

    DAT SCORES PAT 27 QR 24 RC 20 Bio 24 GChem 18 Ochem 19 TS 20 AA 21 Hello everyone, I took the DAT earlier this year and now that I am starting the application process, I am a bit anxious about my scores. I am an adult student, my GPA is about 3.3 and I still have 4th year of undergrad to...
  36. Sweet_Tooth

    Joining Student Organizations in Undergrad

    Hello everyone, I tried to search for a thread on this but couldn't find one, so apologies if this has already been asked before. I was wondering whether it is beneficial to join student organizations in undergrad ie would it help one gain admission into dental school? Currently I'm a member of...
  37. V

    For those of you who said yes to attending NYU, why?

    The title says it all. Im considering NYU and I want to know what influenced your guy's desission to attend there!
  38. B

    Does this schedule sound impossible?

    I'm taking summer classes to catch up on all the courses I need to get done on time. I have a shadowing/internship opportunity for a dentist in a city other than the one I am going to college at, and I was going to take these courses at a easier 4 year university, since my school is pretty...