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  1. A

    Taking precalc after multivar?

    I took multivar calc freshman year and got a B. Would it look bad if I were to take precalc and calc as a junior/senior? What if I do this at a different state school?
  2. S

    Science GPA Question

    HI there! I have about 5-6 credits of research under the Civil Engineering Department; however my research was mainly Chemistry, and my PI is under both the CE and Chem department, but I ended up having to register under CE. Could I reclassify those credits to count as Chem instead on the AMCAS...
  3. A

    UCSD Extension, UNE Online, or SCU of Health Sciences - Which is preferable to medical schools for accepting retaken premedical prerequisites?

    Hello! I am a little conflicted right now. So basically, I just graduated from my 4-year university and I have completed all of my pre-medical prerequisites. Unfortunately, for one of my classes, Biology 2, I did not receive a passing grade (received a grade lower than a C in the lecture but...
  4. T

    BME UNDERGRADS: Did AMCAS count your engineering courses towards your BCPM GPA?

    Without my engineering courses, my BCPM GPA is a 3.38. With my engineering courses, my BCPM GPA is a 3.68. Huge difference. Some have told me flat out that engineering courses don't count towards BCPM, while others have said it depends on the "primary content" of the course (is the course...
  5. gettingbread

    High science GPA but a SAD little cumulative GPA

    I’ve been trying to figure what dental schools to apply to that are within target range (I know I should already have figured this out), and I’m started to feel VERY nervous because my cumulative GPA is for sure low. Does anyone have advice as far as schools that might be a good fit, or have any...
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  7. G

    High cum GPA but very low science GPA

    I am a junior who is finishing up a technology degree who also has an interest in pursuing medicine. My health impacted my academics drastically to the point of having a combination of over 10 D’s and F’s in Math courses. I couldn’t move forward in my program without those math courses hence so...
  8. E

    Are MSAR GPAs AMCAS GPAs or the schools' interpreted GPAs?

    I've been looking through the new updated MSAR, and I was wondering where the GPA values MSAR reports come from. Are they AMCAS GPAs, or are they "interpreted GPAs" (like the last x units taken or something) that the school provides? My cumulative is not very salvageable but my science GPA is...
  9. DocSherman

    W's in Post-Bacc: Need Some Advice

    Hello. I’m planning on applying later this year for medicine. However, I’m in a pickle. I’ve been trying to take some courses to raise my science GPA, which is very borderline (my cGPA is higher since I wasn't a science major in college). I’ve been taking one Bio course at an institution (PM...
  10. DocSherman

    UCSD Extension Nutrition BIOL Courses: Would they count in BCPM gpa?

    Hello! I have a question for the forum. I was looking at taking some Nutrition courses through UCSD Extension. I noticed that some of their nutrition courses have the BIOL moniker by them (Foundations of Nutrition I: Introduction to Nutrition Science). Since they have that moniker by them...
  11. M

    Post bac program?

    I am trying to determine whether I need to apply to a post bac program. I am a graduating senior and my plan is to take the MCATs in September 2019. I want to work in the medical field during my 2 gap years. I have a 3.7 gpa overall, 3.98 in my psych major but only 3.48 in science GPA. I come...
  12. 1

    What is science GPA?

    When medical school look at your science GPA, are they only looking at the prerequisite classes relating to science that they only care about, or are they looking at all of your science courses including the advanced ones?
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  14. S

    Is nutrition part of science gpa?

    hey guys! I’m trying to calculate my science gpa and I’m not sure if I should add nutrition. I got some mixed responses when I called OptomCAS
  15. D

    Does an EMT class actually count as "science GPA" for AACOMAS?

    Was just looking at the website for AACOMAS and I see that they count EMT as a "science class". Can anyone verify this and your opinions on taking the class not only to get paid clinical experience in the future but also as a science GPA booster?
  16. bsizzle44

    How does AACOMAS calculate the Science GPA?

    Hi guys, Title pretty much says it all. I calculated my science GPA as a 3.46. I included math classes and science labs in the calculation. However, it is showing on AACOMAS as a 3.6. I am not complaining, but I am curious where the discrepancy may lie. Any insight is appreciated!
  17. Lupin21

    VMCAS Questions and Rants c/o 2023

    Please post all your VMCAS questions and rants here for ease of finding information for the 2018 application cycle. Good luck all!! ETA For questions redirected to VMCAS: VMCAS Customer Service (Help with the application): 617-612-2884 or [email protected]
  18. A

    Would Viticulture & Enology courses in science GPA?

    I'm a V&E major and a large portion of my coursework has been very scientifically oriented classes such as wine chemistry, grapevine physiology, fermentation science, wine microbiology, plant pathology, sensory science, etc. I've looked over the official ADEA AADSAS course subject list and...
  19. E

    Question about science gpa

    hey guys! I was a little confused about which science gpa optometry schools look at since there’s so many different categories for science gpa given by OptomCAS. Like there’s one for biology/life sciences, BCP, other sciences...
  20. M

    Courses That Count Towards Science GPA

    I'm interested in taking a course in my school called Selected Topics In Biology. The course description says that the course will study a topic of interest chosen by the instructor. The course topic is neurobiology. If I take this course, will the grade be counted towards my science gpa or just...
  21. D

    Terrible Start

    Hey guys I've been lurking on this site for literally years now and finally decided to make an account. I was just wondering for some people who may have any opinions or advice on my situation. I am currently a student a low tier SUNY. My high school career was beyond a wreck and so was my first...
  22. P

    Podiatry Science GPA questions

    Hey guys. first post on the forum lol. I was wondering-i know for other grad schools like MD and Dental they include Research Independent study credits in your science gpa. Does podiatry do the same? My research gets listed as a Medicine 699 Course. these really help boost my science gpa...
  23. E

    Are these considered science classes for OPTOMCAS?

    hey guys! I’m trying to figure out my scienc gpa but I’m not sure if my psychology and nutrition classes count as part of the science gpa?
  24. S

    How important is an applicant's transcript?

    How much do medical schools weigh applicants' transcripts? Do they just look for an overall trend of improvement in grades? For instance, if a student has a strong science GPA but their transcript isn't perfect (as in the student didn't get straight A's through all four years and they have their...
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  26. wolfnscale

    Calculus Ds, big deal? (Post-Bacc in progress)

    Hi all! I've posted post-bacc questions before, so sorry if you've heard me before. A bit has changed since my last post. I'd like to hear your advice regarding math and quantitative courses. My advisor's current opinion is, strangely, no opinion (??). I'm going to list some of my stats and...
  27. S

    Classes in Geological Sciences factored into Science GPA?

    Hello SDN, I was wondering are classes in Geological Sciences factored into your Science GPA for applying to Dental School? I am trying to formulate my schedule for next semester, and I might want to take some courses in Geological Sciences if they can potentially help my Science GPA. Thank you!
  28. K

    science ga courses

    hello- I understand to apply for schools most of them will look at science/ science + math gpa which tends to include the bio/chem/physics/A+P as well as any/all math courses I was wondering that if I take a "science" course during my winter break to possibly boost my gpa (and hopefully boost...
  29. P

    What are my odds - junior in undergrad

    I am only a Junior in undergraduate school at the University of Alabama. I am majoring in psychology and minoring in biology on a pre-medical route. I currently am really struggling with my GPA due to not working hard enough freshman year. My overall is a 3.205 and my pre medical GPA is a 2.333...
  30. Cluubias2

    Dental School Statistics

    Hello SDN! I've completed a spreadsheet that contains every major information about every US school. The excel contains a dropdown under each column that allows you to organize the data. For example, if you want to rate schools based on average accepted science GPA, select the drop down under...
  31. T

    MD & DO ABSN to MD/DO

    Hey all, I'm currently a senior at Penn State and struggling with the choice of nursing and medicine. While I know they are quite different educational and career paths, one seems more realistic at this point. I have a cumulative 3.21, sGPA < 3.0. I'm currently in progress of taking my first...
  32. P

    Does Precalc and Statistics apply to one's science GPA?

    Hello, I am not quite sure if math classes like precalc and statistics are applied to one's science GPA. Any help would appreciated.

    Need an advise MCAT 489 on 5/18 GPA 3.2 (science) 3.6 (overall)

    I am an immigrant, learned English at the age of 16. I have a degree in Biology (finished in 3 years) from a state university and currently pursuing MPH (master’s in public health GPA 3.6, no science courses). MCAT scores 121/122/123/123 I was thinking about retaking it this August but I don't...
  34. Y

    Do I have a chance at all

    sciGPA 2.76, overall GPA 3.18 - Upward trend since freshman year. Over 300 hours of shadowing/assisting, working, Dental club board member at our school, a lot of community service etc. Deans list last two semesters of senior year. DAT: AA 17, Bio 19, RC 19, GC 17, OC 14, PAT 16, QR 14. It was...
  35. flotsam

    Apply now vs. wait for one last post-bac grade

    Hi all, Should I apply now without this last grade (with an sGPA of 3.36) to make sure I'm on the early side, but exclude this final grade from my sGPA? Or, should I wait it out and hope I get my new transcript processed by the end of June and submit by 6/30? Any advice is sincerely appreciated!
  36. E

    Low Science GPA, Considering Options Outside of DPT, Thoughts?

    I realize the whole "I have a low science gpa, am I going to get in?!" topic has been brought up a million times on SDN, but I think that my goals and aspirations might make my situation a little bit different. So basically my situation is that I just graduated from West Chester University with...
  37. L

    Competitive 2017-2018 Dental Applicant?

    Hey guys, I am looking to apply to dental school on June 1st and I feel like I am a fairly good candidate. However, my science GPA is a little lower than I would like and I was wondering if anyone had gotten in with similar stats? Or if anyone has any advice on how to bump up my application for...
  38. DynamicPathfinder96

    To Retake a Class or to Keep Pushing Forward

    Hello, I'm new here and I just need some advice about raising my science GPA and whether if Dental School looks into being in the Dean's List for long periods of time. I'm a Bio-Tech major and I just finished my last semester as a college sophomore and I had a 3.41 GPA with an Overall GPA of 3.2...
  39. Orlandoc

    Do these courses count towards AACOMAS science GPA?

  40. ireallyloveteeth

    Academic Renewal