Too early to start studying for VR

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Dec 27, 2006
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Hey guys, I know I will struggle with this section, let alone the others, but I was wondering if it would hurt me to get a used kaplan or practice tests somehow( I am not planning on spending a lot of money on this) and start doing them? All I keep hearing is that practice is the best, and possibly only, route to success in this topic. So, what do you all think? TIA,


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instead of doing that i would do daily reading. i wish i had done that in retrospect. best
As a freshmen you should only be concerned with freshmen type things- i.e. parties, social life, some academics, and social life, oh...and parties. Enjoy at least the very beginning of your college life! As byong_soo said, do some daily reading, maybe economist or NYT if you want to be "enlightened" yet pick up some reading skills, but for goodness sakes, dont worry about doing mcat stuff until earliest the summer between your sophomore and junior year.

And with that , Im moving this to MCAT forum :)
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I think the best way to prepare for VR is to read boring, difficult articles in magazines and write quick 2-3 sentence summaries.

Just practice reading boring difficult stuff. VR is *really* tough to prepare for. If you really like reading and read a lot, you'll do OK.

I don't think the VR tests help a lot, rather years of reading lots of different and difficult things will make a difference.

Having said that, don't forget to enjoy yourself. You're only in college once.

Be sure to take some social work or poetry classes and enjoy the company of liberal women.
My advice? Spend your freshman year learning how to truly think critically. Read newspapers, magazines, scientific journals, etc and analyze them. Think about biases, author's messages, and those sorts of things. Don't worry so much about VR right now and instead concentrate on the skills you'll need for the MCAT (and life) in general.
Btw, I am a freshman.
Enjoy freshman year.

That being said and because I don't think you'll listen to me :p ...
Take a philosophy course if it fits into your schedule. It's a great way to learn how to read fairly dry material while learning how to think critically. If you can't fit it in, subscribe to the wall street journal weekend edition or something equally dry and read articles then ask yourself, "What's the perspective of the author? Does he have a bias? Why did he write this piece?"
Seriously, get the WSJ and the Economist. And if nothing else, you'll have really good pickup lines for all those freshman parties. For example, "Hey, what do you think about the geopolitical ramifications of the Rose Revolution in the Caucusus region?"