Too late for Goucher??

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Feb 23, 2021
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Hi everyone! Congrats to you all who have already been accepted and made your decisions. I'm wondering if you folks think I have a chance at getting a spot at Goucher this late in the game.

I didn't fully decide I wanted to do a post bac until December/January, and even then I was focused much more on part-time opportunities that would let me work at the same time. I currently live in Boston, so my first love was Harvard Extension. However, by early February I had reached the conclusion that I actually wanted to do a full-time post bac somewhere so I could dedicate myself to the coursework. I've applied to Harvard Extension, Columbia, Georgetown, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, and UPenn. So far, I've been accepted to Georgetown and haven't heard from anyone else.

If I throw in an app for Goucher today is it too late? They say the program usually fills during March, but the applications are still open. I haven't submitted any other apps through PostbacCAs, so I have to wait to be verified. The program appeals to me so much at Goucher and I waited way too long to seriously consider it.

For reference, I had cGPA 3.8, sGPA 4.0 (I took literally one math class). Not much direct volunteer experience because I made this decision during COVID, but I've been working full time in disability advocacy for a year and have tons of volunteer experience in pre-school literacy, as well as having lived abroad as an ESL teacher in a developing country. Do I have a shot?

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They did just tell me a week ago that there are a few spots left but by the time your application is verified, it may be too late. It looks like you have already applied to some great programs so personally I’d save my money, but if you feel like you have an amazing high school and college transcript, clinical experience, and stellar SAT scores then you should give it a shot. Although sending your scores from college board could take a while.
Recently submitted to Goucher but haven't heard back yet so will post here if that changes. Just wondering, should I expect a confirmation email from the individual school after my PostBacCAS application status changes to "verified"?
Hey, I am so glad I found this thread! I am a Canadian student and honestly had no idea post-baccs were a thing until earlier this month. I whipped up an application and I applied last week, because I thought that I needed to at least try! I was just verified this morning on PostBacCAS. I am wondering the same thing as @etudiante568, what is the timeline for hearing from them? I am also concerned about the fact that I didn't submit an optional essay on disadvantaged status, because I don't see myself as having structural disadvantages. I am now starting to question whether I should have filled that out regardless. cumulative GRE is only 316. My cGPA is 3.65 for undergrad, 3.95 for grad!

Any response is appreciated :)
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