1. S

    Post Bacc GPAs of acceptance??

    Hello! I am an undergraduate student at Emory University interested in applying to post bacc programs.. I am only interested in one year programs that have linkages available. Some of these programs include: -Goucher -Bryn Mawr -Tufts -Northwestern -UVA -Scripps -GW or Georgetown (if they...
  2. samrj521

    Too late for Goucher??

    Hi everyone! Congrats to you all who have already been accepted and made your decisions. I'm wondering if you folks think I have a chance at getting a spot at Goucher this late in the game. I didn't fully decide I wanted to do a post bac until December/January, and even then I was focused much...
  3. C


  4. S

    Advice on post-bac application | cGPA 3.8, sGPA 3.6 | Clinical Research Background |

    I would really appreciate some advice on applying to post bacs. After working in clinical research a few years, I decided in Aug 2020 to apply to post bacs and pursue med school. I have applied to 2 programs - Scripps and Goucher - and am working on the essays for Bryn Mawr, Johns Hopkins, and...
  5. B

    Post-Bac 2021-2022 Admissions

    Hi everyone! I don’t see a thread like this anywhere so I figured I’d start one. How is everyone’s application cycle going for next year’s post Bac cycle? I applied to UVA, Goucher, Bryn-Mawr and Loras. So far I’ve got interviews at UVA and Goucher, plus an acceptance at Loras.
  6. C

    Goucher Post-Bac 2019-2020

    Hi everyone, I have decided to submit my deposit for Goucher's PBPM program for the 2019-2020 class year. Is there anyone else who has decided to join the class? I was admitted to both Bryn Mawr and Goucher and ultimately sided with Goucher because Bryn Mawr's program would have required...
  7. amalia23

    Bryn Mawr/ Goucher Interview Experiences? (recent preferred)

    Hi! Can anyone tell me what the interviews were like for either Bryn Mawr or Goucher? I'm nervous for mine and it would help to have an idea of what to expect. Thanks! Amalia23
  8. H

    Goucher / JHU / Bryn Mawr?

  9. P

    Goucher pre-med

    My daughter is a freshman neuroscience major at UCLA, hoping to go to medical school. She has a 3.6 for the first two quarters but finds the school too big and impersonal. She took the last quarter off and has been applying to smaller transfer schools that give merit aid to transfers and have...
  10. 6

    HELP! Want to submit a late post bacc application

    Here's the situation: Earlier this week, I met with my pre med advisor about post bacc programs that I should apply to for next fall. There are certain ones that I had in mind that I want to apply to in the summer and can qualify for since I took some pre med classes already (i.e. UPenn...
  11. Dr. Ozymandias

    Post Bacs are not pro-URM. Thoughts?

    Besides SIU's MedPrep and the UC-Consortium which are for academic enhancers and not career-changers, it seems post-bac programs are not URM-friendly, which is interesting considering the whole point of post-bac programs is to help get people into medical school. My reasoning: 1) Post-bacs are...
  12. B

    JD to MD? Post bacc/career changer advice please!!!

    Hi guys! There are a couple threads on here from fellow lawyers considering the switch to medicine, but they are pretty old, so I thought I'd create a new post. Straight up, I know this sounds kind of insane, but any advice/tips people have about postbacs, particularly for career changers...
  13. O

    Career changer chances for Bryn Mawr and Goucher PostBac?

    Hello, This is my first time making a post, and I was wondering what is the possibility of me getting into one of these two post bac programs? I am considering these programs because I didn't know that these kinds of structured programs existed to fast-track people into medical school. I...
  14. F

    Just starting on path to be ready for Post-Bacc, help/criticism appreaciated!

    Hello Everyone! First of all thank you to everyone who took the time reading this. I've just completed stage 1 of my journey to getting into a postbacc and - hopefully - MD program, which is landing a stable job that allows me time to volunteer at the local hospital. I'm looking to submit my...
  15. M

    English Major Contemplating PostBac Programs

    I'm posting this thread in hopes that I'll be able to get some current help. Right now, I'm an upper-sophomore English major at a CUNY school. I went into college thinking I'd give English up and be strictly pre-med, but I found myself totally disengaged and disconnected from professors in my...
  16. NorthBySouth

    Louisville Post-bac Career Changer Program 2017-2018

    Does anyone have positive or negative experiences with Louisville's Post-bac Career Changer program? I did a search on SDN and there is not a lot of information out there about this program. http://louisville.edu/medicine/degrees/postbacpremed The programs seems dynamic and the assured...
  17. NorthBySouth

    Post-bac attrition rates over the past few years?

    Hello, Has anyone heard what the attrition rate is at the Johns Hopkins University post-bac program for career changers the past couple of years? Also, does anyone know how the attrition rate at JHU compares to other top programs like Bryn Mawr, Scripps, and Goucher?
  18. M

    Bryn Mawr vs. Goucher post bac?

    Hi! I was recently accepted to Goucher and Bryn Mawr's postbac programs and was wondering if any current or recent post bac students could help me with my decision between the two? They are both great programs with similar lists of linkages and med school acceptance rates, but I'm wondering what...
  19. vivre17

    MD Nontrad. Low GPA from a bad year (health related). Sad and Confused. HELP

    OKAY. This is an incredibly sensitive topic for me, so to prevent myself from writing a 20-page essay, I'll do my best to keep this as fact-centric as possible. Demographics: Female, Asian Major: Nursing Class: Junior Test Scores: SAT 1960; thinking of taking GRE High School: First Quartile...
  20. P

    Pre-med post bacc

  21. B

    2017-2018 Goucher APPLICATION THREAD

    Just wanted to start a thread of the Goucher Postbac program for the 2017-2018 program. I recently applied and wanted to know if anyone else have? Anyone know what the response time is like when you apply this early?
  22. O

    Past post bac acceptance profiles

    Hi everyone! I plan to apply to BM, JH, Goucher, and Scripps for the 2017-2018 post bac term and wanted to get a sense of whether I would make a decent candidate. I am also curious to know what your stats were and where you were and weren't accepted if you guys don't mind sharing (GPA, ACT/SAT...
  23. B

    Goucher Post-Bac admission

    I recently graduated from Johns Hopkins with a 3.5 gpa (psychology and anthropology). I would have had a 3.67 if it weren't for one semester during my freshmen year when I lost a family member and left the country for the funeral during my finals period. I have a 1900 SAT score, a 4.2 high...
  24. B

    Chances at a good Post-Bac?

    Hey Everyone, I'm planning to apply to a structured post-baccalaureate program for the 2017-2018 cycle. My big hope is for Johns Hopkins, Goucher, Scripps, or Bryn Mawr. I would love any feedback that anyone could provide to improve my chances as a candidate. Also, just because I think someone...
  25. HeavenOrLasVegas

    Postbac.. What is realistic?

    Hello all, I am planning on attending a post-baccalaureate program this coming summer (2016), and have a few questions regarding what I should be aiming for. I have not completed any prerequisite coursework and my stats are as follows: Major: Economics @ University of Kentucky uGPA: 3.0 ACT: 31...
  26. A

    MD Perhaps the most unusual post on this site

    I am throwing my questions out to the universe in the hope that I will receive a thoughtful and helpful response. Before I begin, I am completely serious, and I have given long and serious contemplation to becoming a physician. Please read what I have written below, and le let me know what you...
  27. drwestlol

    How difficult is linkage at top post-bacc programs (Bryn Mawr, JHU, Goucher)?

    I'm just wondering, if someone was dead set on wanting to do linkage after getting accepted to one of these top post-bacc programs, what is the likeliness that this will be accomplished?