1. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Comprehensive Guide to Postbac Programs

    You know you want to become a doctor, but you also realize that you’re not quite ready for medical school. Whether that’s because your profile isn’t as competitive as it could be, or because you simply just need more time to study basic sciences to determine whether this is truly the right path...
  2. C

    Stanford Medicine postbacc opportunity for premed/ PhD aspirants

    Stanford Medicine REACH (Racial Equity to Advance a Community of Health) Post-baccalaureate Experience in Research Program provides research and training opportunities for scholars to become successful graduate or medical students. We offer participants a salary of $63,500 + benefits, including...
  3. B

    UNTHSC M.S. in Medical Sciences (Texas) 2023-2024 *In-Person*

    With applications opening November 15th for the UNTHSC Medical Sciences in-person program I figured I should start a thread.
  4. A

    VCOM/Bluefield OMABS Winter 2024

    Hi everyone! I just received my acceptance email today for the SMP Bluefield/VCOM D.O. OMABS (Online Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences). I've seen a few other discussions for the On-Campus MABS program and just thought I'd create this in case others are looking for some more updated info on...
  5. A

    Chance of top career changer postbac programs w/o shadowing

    Hi all, I was a computer science major in college and I'm applying to Bryn Mawr, Scripps, and Goucher for my career change plans. I have a decent undergrad GPA (over 3.9) and okay SAT score (verbal 710, math 800). I have some volunteering experience in hospitals and senior homes, but I won't...
  6. B

    Hello from the UK! (also seeking advice)

    Hey everyone, I am studying biological sciences (other prerequisites are not covered) at uni in the UK and I am applying to postbac in the US because my family is moving. Because of my international status I am limited to a few programs such as Bryn Mawr, UPenn, Tufts and Columbia. I am worried...
  7. T

    Advice for how to spend the next year leading up to 2024/25 cycle

    I graduated 2021 with a psyc major and bad grades. my cGPA was 2.395 year 1, 2.418 year 2, 2.591 year 3, and then 2.844 at graduation. There's slight upward trend but the higher semester GPAs I got in my last 2 years weren't enough to un-anker myself from my extremely poor performance early on...
  8. P

    My Postbac Experience (Scripps)

    I wanted to describe my experience at the Scripps Postbac (completed 2022) for anyone who might be applying in upcoming cycles. I completed the one-year full-time program and am currently in the midst of the 2022-2023 MD application cycle. I chose Scripps for the following reasons: It’s known...
  9. M

    Postbacc choice and disability/chronic illness

    I am 29, and I graduated in 2016 with a 4.0 in neuroscience and journalism. I have ten years of clinical research experience at well-known institutions and two publications, one in Nature, and I am the CTO of a biotech company. After taking care of many things to manage a genetic condition, I am...
  10. T

    Should I take labs or lecture only DIY Postbacc

    I'm starting a DIY postbacc this year, looking to mostly take upper level bios as I already did all the basic prereqs during my first undergrad and got a C or higher. My question is should I take the labs with these upper level bio courses, or just stick with the lectures (the classes are all...
  11. endroller78

    Really Need Some Direction: Low GPA/Stagnant Trend, should I do a postbac for MD?

    General Information: I'm a first-generation student, and I am currently a student studying biochem, and I originally planned on applying for the 2024 cycle (one gap year). My senior year is about to start soon (2022-2023). I left some details left unclear for privacy. If you want to know the...
  12. johnsonthehopeful

    Summer class on top of 32 hours of post-bacc?

    Hey y'all. So I'm a super-nontrad and reapplicant who recently completed 32 hours of DIY post-baccalaureate coursework. Only a handful were upper-division courses (biochem, micro, med micro, physics, genetics) due to the lack of availability of courses that didn't interfere with my work...
  13. S

    need advice for 490mcat 3.8gpa

    Hi everyone, Not sure what my next step would be and have no one to ask. About me: about to be senior in college with major in human bio. took the mcat in march and got a 490-- after scoring 500s on my practice exams. My cumulative gpa is 3.8 and ive been volunteering at the hospital as well as...
  14. B

    Postbacc GPA vs Curriculum

    Hi everyone! I majored in biomedical engineering and got a 3.1 uGPA. I am going to do a SMP to make up for the low gpa. All else equal, do you think medical schools prefer a high gpa (3.9) at a very good grad school, or realistically a lower/average gpa (3.6) at a large program that uses a med...
  15. B

    Tufts vs Vanderbilt MBS SMP

    Hi everyone! I was accepted into several special masters programs (SMPs) and have narrowed them down to Tufts and Vanderbilt masters in biomedical sciences. The Tufts program has a large class size (130) and a well-structured curriculum, whereas the Vanderbilt program is relatively new and has...
  16. B

    Tufts vs Vanderbilt MBS SMP

    Hi everyone! I was accepted into several special masters programs (SMPs) and have narrowed them down to Tufts and Vanderbilt masters in biomedical sciences. The Tufts program has a large class size (130) and a well-structured curriculum, whereas the Vanderbilt program is relatively new and has...
  17. B

    Tufts vs Vanderbilt MBS SMP

    Hi everyone! I was accepted into several special masters programs (SMPs) and have narrowed them down to Tufts and Vanderbilt masters in biomedical sciences. The Tufts program has a large class size (130) and a well-structured curriculum, whereas the Vanderbilt program is relatively new and has...
  18. M

    New York Postbacc - advice for someone limited due to health & finances

    Background: 4.0 GPA as a psychology (neuroscience concentration) and journalism major at a SUNY school. Already completed a couple of science courses, i.e. GenChem I and Genetics. I am 29 and have 8 years of clinical research and shadowing experience in immunology, epigenetics, and neuroscience...
  19. johnsonthehopeful

    Reapplicant advice/school list assistance

    Hello all. I've used SDN for years, but after an unsuccessful app cycle this year, I've decided to finally ask for some assistance. I only applied to a few schools last cycle, but I thought I would just give it a shot since I had AAMC Fee Assistance. In hindsight, I shouldn't have applied last...
  20. 1

    Dominican University Bachelors of Medical Science Postbacc

    I am considering Dominican University's (Illinois) Bachelors of Medical Science for my postbacc program. I'm having trouble finding information about the program and was wondering if anyone has either been through the program or knows anything about the program. I struggled a lot in undergrad...
  21. M

    Am I being led astray?

    Hi everyone, I am a non-traditional. I began my college career as a nursing major, and transferred to Biology after working in the hospital as a tech for a period of time. I realized rather late into my college career that the autonomy, and intellectual stimulation of becoming a physician was...
  22. A

    GWU vs. Georgetown Postbac (2022)

    Hi everyone! I have been accepted to both the George Washington University and Georgetown postbac programs and was wondering please whether anyone could please provide fresh perspective/info on these or a more direct comparison weighing the two. I've read through a LOT of posts on each but am...
  23. U

    Demotivated and looking for genuine advice

    Hi! So I am a 27 year old who decided to pursue medicine in 2018. I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Computer Engineering. I majored in that for a multitude of reasons I wont bore you with but ultimately I never enjoyed my major and my GPA reflected that. I graduated with a 3.1 GPA and started...
  24. Dr.ToBeDetermined

    Post-Bacc Advice: continue formal vs. switch to DIY

    Hello all I need some advice on how to proceed with my premed education (and I just think my premed advisor will be too biased for an honest answer). I am career changer and currently in a post-bacc program that claims to have 90% acceptance rates into medical school, and has plenty of linkage...
  25. I

    ALL of my activities are less than 1 year... but I'll have 1.5 years of clinical exp from 2 places?

    Hi, so I'm writing rough drafts of the descriptions of my activities, and I just realized all of my activities are less than 1 year. BUT, I will have continuous clinical experience from February of 2021 to July 2021, and then September 2021 to next year (so 1+ year total), except it'd be from 2...
  26. R

    GPA Enhancement??

    Not sure if I should do a post bacc or masters or neither for MD graduated from ucla, Molecular Bio major, applying 2022-2023 cGPA: 3.55 sGPA: 3.37 (AMCAS) CA resident big upward trend from junior to senior year ECs: 1200 clinical (400 unpaid, 800 paid) 2000 clinical research 80 humanities...
  27. T

    Business Major Pre-Med considering Post-Bacc

    Hi everyone, I'm an incoming 4th year business major (finance concentration) at a large public school. I am completing premedical requirements as well. So, the reality of the situation is that the administration at my University isn't allowing me to take physics next year, and I also want to...
  28. K

    Studying for the MCAT during the pandemic

    Hi friends, I need your help! So I’m aiming to take the MCAT exam by next spring by May-June 2022. I recently graduated and will be doing a formal post-baccalaureate program this coming year. I won’t be working AT ALL. I really want to ace all my postbac courses, and dedicate as much time...
  29. Doctoscope

    1 class withdrawal NOT on transcript, but on internal student records - does it need to be reported?

    Wondering if I should withdraw from a class that's taking up WAY too much time. Essentially, the school policy is that you can withdraw from a class before the final and it'll be marked as a W on your internal student records, but it does not appear anywhere on transcripts or any other...
  30. R

    HELP: Clinical experience vs post-bacc for gap years?

  31. M

    UAB MSBHS 2021

    Hi, I wanted to start a post for the upcoming summer semester. I applied back in January but I haven't heard anything back yet and thought maybe others would be looking to connect.
  32. Bulliedinschool2doc


  33. R

    ICU position w/ informal postbacc or formal postbacc?

    Hi everyone! I am a senior nursing student about to graduate! I am interested in going to medical school in the future. My Gpa is ~3.7, I have some research experience (although I don’t know if it counts as research!). I have a good amount of community service hours. I also have many clinical...
  34. samrj521

    Too late for Goucher??

    Hi everyone! Congrats to you all who have already been accepted and made your decisions. I'm wondering if you folks think I have a chance at getting a spot at Goucher this late in the game. I didn't fully decide I wanted to do a post bac until December/January, and even then I was focused much...
  35. DrBuffett

    Failed SMP - Future?

    Hi all - (Please forgive me if this is discussed elsewhere, but I searched and could not find it in a post or thread) I'm curious to know - If you or someone you know completed an SMP but did NOT perform well enough to get into any MD or DO school, what career path did you/they ultimately...
  36. C


  37. F

    UPenn vs. Byrn Mawr PostBac

    Hi everyone. I am having a lot of trouble deciding on what school to attend for postbac. I know Bryn Mawr is the most prestigious school for premed postbac, but I really had my heart set on UPenn prior to getting an interview at Bryn Mawr. Can anyone speak from prior experience in either...
  38. H

    Need Advice: Research Assistant vs Postbacc

    I am about to graduate in December and I am going to pursue a career in research. I just began applying for research assistant jobs that interest me when I got some discouraging advice. My current plan is this: 1. Be hired as a research assistant starting as soon as January. 2. Work as a...
  39. I

    3.95 Postbacc GPA (60 units) - take a "BS science class" to hit 3.2 cGPA and 3.3 sGPA?

    I'm very certain I am being very neurotic and unreasonable right now... but here it goes. I finished my DIY postbacc program (66 units) with a 3.95 cGPA and sGPA this summer. I have taken all the prerequisite classes and 5 upper division classes on a quarter system. I have no retakes. This...
  40. C

    Applying to PostBac PreMed Programs - Advice?

    Welcome everyone, any guidance or insight you can offer is greatly appreciated! I'm currently in my senior year of undergrad as a B.S. in Psych student. Pursing medicine always seemed like a pipe dream for me—a first generation college student who severely slacked off in high school (mainly due...