took part 1 on 7 feb.

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Jan 14, 2007
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Hello everyone, i just took part 1 on 7th feb. & here is my experience :

first of all, the new format made the exam more difficult , a scenario is given then followed by questions concerning this scenario, the questions are either correlated to each other or not. As for me, i felt that these testlets were the most difficult part of the exam.

The rest of the exam wasn`t what i expected, many questions about things i`ve never heard about before! i had to guess alot, many questions on xerostomia, autoimmune diseases, detailed info in embryology, had no pistures at all,Dental anatomy was as usuall the best & easieist part.

At the end of the exam i had about 170 MARKED questions which i don`t know weather right or wrong, the rest 230 questions i think 90% correct.

I don`t know if i could pass the exam or not, i feel i made very bad, marking 170 questions is alot i think. Anyone out there who took the exam, please tell me if you felt the same.?

Lastly, if there is anyone who took the same exam of mine, please share your thoughts.


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Nov 9, 2005
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I took the exam March 1st and got my results on March 16th.pretty quick:cool: .
There were some questions regarding diabetes however they were not straight forward. 2-3 questions about things never heard of.some behavioural related questions.
I didnt do my best preparing for the exam ( I hate basic sciences)
dont ask please about my score but comparing with curve of 98 I got 4.25 less comp score :eek: .
Good luck with ur exams everyone.